Joe Quesada has been busy since leaving Marvel as CCO – doing covers for both Marvel and DC. 

He’s also been working on interiors for a Marvel book for a long time – and teasing it. Today in his Substack newsletter he gives  the biggest tease yet and the first look at the art, in the Q&A section:

Dave Cummings- I know you were working on a Marvel book for the past few years, do you know when we’ll hear news about it?

Funny you should ask, Dave. In the coming months, you’ll hear more about it as it nears completion. And to prove it, here’s a page from that project.


Hm, now what do we think this is? Daredevil? X-men? Something else?

Daredevil is one of Quesada’s best known interior art jobs at Marvel, in a Marvel Knights run written by Kevin Smith. The MArvel knights experience led to Quesada serving as EIC at Marvel starting in 2000, until, in 2011, he became Chief Creative Officer (CCO). In that role he was part of the MCU’s controversial Creative Committee that was disbanded in 2015. Quesada continued to contribute to much of Marvel’s media output, including animation and games.

Last May he announced he was stepping down from his CCO position, and working on personal projects, including directing – his short film Fly has been hitting the film festival circuit – and comics. He also hosted several projects for Marvel’s Disney+ and YouTube presence. 

And now interiors for a mystery project! What’s your best guess? Let us know in the comments. 


  1. While Quesada has always been a competent artist, for me his best role in comics was editor of Marvel. Never before nor afterwards was there a more imaginative, innovative, and just pure fun time at Marvel. Their books and characters all hit a peak under his watch.

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