There is a lot of gloom and doom in the world, even when we are supposed to be celebrating the season of love and gift-giving. The news is rough, reminding us about how awful humans can be every day. And while I am a massive horror, thriller, and true crime fan, sometimes you just need a little heartwarming story to give you all the right feels. 

Enter The Deer. 

With story and art by Brian Cunningham (known for his editing work at AfterShock Comics, DC, Wizard, and more), the short comic is based on a true event that Cunningham and his wife, writer Paula Sevenbergen, experienced with a mama deer and her baby. 

The appeal of the mini tale is that while it seems mundane at first, it is really a nice subtle story about humans actually caring about something other than themselves. And these days, we need more of that. 

To read The Deer, head to Facebook or Cunningham’s Substack.