The second installment of Image’s series Junkyard Joe is set to release on Wednesday, November 16. Written by Geoff Johns and with art by Gary Frank, the comic begins in 1972 during the Vietnam War and moves forward in time to the present. Brad Anderson is on colors, Rob Leigh is on letters, and Brian Cunningham is the series editor.  

Check out the details below:

“Mad Ghost’s tales of The Unnamed continue as we go from 1972 to today! Cartoonist Muddy Davis has just retired from drawing his 50-year-old “Junkyard Joe” newspaper strip. But the tragedies of Vietnam and visions of a strange robot soldier that saved his life still haunt him. But dreams become reality when Joe mysteriously shows up on Muddy’s doorstep warning us of a new and impending war.”

Johns said in a statement:

“With Junkyard Joe #2, we jump from the jungles of Vietnam in 1972 to the winter fields of Melody Hills, Indiana today where we catch up with war vet Muddy Davis, now a famous cartoonist behind the Sunday Funnies strip Junkyard Joe. Muddy’s at a low point in his life, but his stoic grief is interrupted by the arrival of the soldier who saved his life back in the war… the being he thought he imagined and then turned into a household name…the real Junkyard Joe. But the secrets behind who and what Joe is are hot on his trail.”

Junkyard Joe #2 will be available on November 16. Take a look at an exclusive preview of some interior pages as well as covers from Anderson and Liana Kangas.