The Maisie Kukoc Award, presented to a mini-comic of merit as part of the Stumptown Festival, was given to Damian Jay for The Natural World #3-4

The other nominees were:

• Alexis Frederick-Frost   The Courtship Of Ms. Smith
• Kevin Huizenga   F, Back That Fact Up
• Levon Jihanian   Danger Country #1
• Minty Lewis   Salad Days
• Dan Zettwoch   Tel-Tales #1, Back That Fact Up

Jay reacted to his win (over spouse Lewis!) on his blog:

This came as an absolute surprise. My wife Minty (who was also a nominee because she makes brilliant comics) and I have been forgoing comics shows this year to stay home with our new daughter, Sally. So I’m not at Stumptown and I wasn’t present at the award presentation. In fact when Jesse Reklaw called to put me on speaker phone at the award ceremony Minty and I had just taken a break from watching 30 Rock to change a diaper. Did I mention that I hadn’t been expecting to win?