Scorchy Smith!

Tom unearths the wonderful news that a Scorchy Smith collection is underway as announced by Dean Mullaney on a mailing list: On the subject of future projects, since we’ve already sent the solicitation info to our book distributor, I can announce that in June 2008, I will release an oversized, 11″ x 11″ hardcover: SCORCHY […]

Panter wins American Book Award

Flog notes that Gary Panter’s JIMBO’S INFERNO has won an American Book Award, presented each year by the Before Columbus Foundation for books of merit. The American Book Awards were created to provide recognition for outstanding literary achievement from the entire spectrum of America’s diverse literary community. The purpose of the awards is to recognize […]

Broken Frontier goes it alone

Broken Frontier began life as a volunteer collective of writers about comics that for a while was an excellent collection of columnists. A while ago, it was purchased by Platinum Studios, about a year ago, seemingly part of Platinum’s expansion into the webcomic game with Drunk Duck, etc. But now, EIC Frederik Hautain announces that […]

Claudia Dávila joins Transmission-X

A little girl and peak oil are the subjects of a new webcomic by Claudia Dávila, which joins the webcomics collective Transmission-X every Monday. Given the topic, it sounds very very scary, but given the art, it looks very very cute, and yet with charts and graphs. Dávila has previously illustrated several children’s books. Toronto […]

Wonder Woman update

Producer Joel Silver confirms what we all know: the Wonder Woman is on hold. Joel Silver, who was producing the now-stalled Wonder Woman movie, told reporters that the project has been placed on the back burner in light of another impending superhero film. “They’re going to make the Justice League movie, and we’re kind of […]

Michael George pleads Not Guilty

Retailer/con organizer Michael George pled not guilty to the murder of his wife 17 years ago, local papers are reporting. George’s lawyer intends to pursue an “aggressive defense.” Marlinga said he believes prosecutors have a weak circumstantial case and because of that on Monday filed a motion to release George on a “reasonable bond” with […]

Well that WAS odd

The server seems to have eaten several posts in the night…that never happened before. And of course they were the ones that took the longest to put together. Rassem frassem.

Behind the scenes with Majestic Comics

Go behind the scenes with a new roman a clef from Stephen L. Stern and K. Thor Jensen. A six page preview is in the link. We like the sound of the next two installments: The Briitsh Invasion and It Happened at Comic-Con. Yes, it did. Majestic Comics is the Biggest Comic-Book Publisher You’ve Never […]

24 Hour Comics online

Chapel Hill Comics has put online a bunch of 24 Hour Comics from their event, including work by Nora Tramm, 9 year old Kevin M. Collins (above), Onur Tukel and Saul Zimet. Wild and unhinged! See what happens in the 23rd hour! Dan Goldman also has his 24 Hour comic online,“Before You Were Here.”