A little girl and peak oil are the subjects of a new webcomic by Claudia Dávila, which joins the webcomics collective Transmission-X every Monday. Given the topic, it sounds very very scary, but given the art, it looks very very cute, and yet with charts and graphs. Dávila has previously illustrated several children’s books.

Toronto collective Transmission-X is pleased to add “Luz: Girl of the Knowing” by Claudia Dávila to its daily schedule of free webcomics. Luz (pronounced “loose” but meaning “light” in Spanish) is a city girl on a mission to gather “the Knowing”: knowledge and experience about sustainable survival for humans, specifically in urban centers. She knows a big change is coming as she hears on the news and sees in headlines that petroleum is becoming expensive and scarce, and the climate is noticeably getting more erratic. Although surprised that no one seems very concerned, she doesn’t wait for somebody else to take the lead. She tries to figure out what her community will need when energy runs out as city-wide blackouts get more frequent, learning from her mother, grandma, neighbours and friends. With her handy notebook at the ready, Luz begins her list of skills to learn (like first aid, how to grow and preserve food, collect rainwater, make a woodstove from an oil drum…) and begins to gather vital “knowing” from her neighbourhood.


The Ephemerist (http://www.sparehed.com/) says “you can already tell that this is one of those high concept endeavours that cannot fail. The subject is timely (what knowledge will we need to survive in a world without oil), the art is spotless and the general feel is warm, empathic, worthwile… This is without a doubt one more webcomic on my weekly list.”

Claudia Dávila is new to the comic world, having launched her first self-published comic book “SPOILED” this summer, also concerning the same theme of Peak Oil. She has worked in children’s publishing as a designer and illustrator for over a decade. She lives in Toronto with her husband Michael Cho, also a member of Transmission-X.

“Luz: Girl of the Knowing” debuts Monday, October 29 at http://www.transmission-x.com, and will update every following Monday.


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