Broken Frontier began life as a volunteer collective of writers about comics that for a while was an excellent collection of columnists. A while ago, it was purchased by Platinum Studios, about a year ago, seemingly part of Platinum’s expansion into the webcomic game with Drunk Duck, etc. But now, EIC Frederik Hautain announces that the site is a free agent once again:

On July 13, Platinum Studios informed me that effective immediately, the company was terminating its involvement in this website (‘involvement’ not being the proper term to use, though, since Platinum fully owned BF at the time).

On the bright side, their termination of the deal had absolutely nothing to do with the site’s performance, or the creative talents of the people responsible for its content.

Although I won’t go into any details, I can say that as of this month, the site is completely, for 100%, in my hands again. BF is back where it was this time last year: a budding, independent online resource for coverage of all things comics-related… in whatever shape, size or medium.

Our passion, drive and excitement haven’t changed, on the contrary. This week even marks our 5th anniversary, by itself ample proof that we’ve become a destination countless of people enjoy, whether they’re ardent comics fans, casual readers or industry professionals.