§ My cunning plan is working.

§ Murakami Gala— now that sounds fun! And Kanye was there!

§ Halloween stirs imagination in costume-loving Japan — the mind boggles.

A Halloween street party? “Ah, no, this is cos-play,” says 20-year-old Saori, referring to costume role-play, or the Japanese past-time of dressing up as their favourite animation movie character. “Halloween is different,” Saori says, giggling as she tugs at her hooded cape with cat ears. The cult around fancy dress, and Japan’s love of quirky festivals and eccentric trends in general, may go towards explaining why Halloween has turned from an obscure foreign celebration into a popular cultural event here.

§ Live action AKIRA film now possible?

§ CNet looks at Zuda:

Letting readers vote on the next comic get a year-long publishing contract is unique in the world of webcomics. Perazza and Dave McCullough, Zuda Comics’ tech guru, said that although they’re aiming for a wide range of genres, they’re not interested in presenting mismatched competitions. ”We’ll have filters and registration to screen stuff for mature readers. We wouldn’t match up a Sandmanesque series with a Scooby-Dooesque series,” said McCullough, pointing out that the audiences for Neil Gaiman’s hit graphic novel and the mystery-solving cartoon pooch shouldn’t be mixed.

§ Nerd-themed dating Web sites, etc mean life may be less lonely.

§ The Boston Globe paints a picture of 24 Hour Comic Day:

The artists sketched in near silence. The group was a curious collection of the college-aged, the middle-aged, graduates and drop-outs, the professional and the counterculture, with one clear thing in common: They were working against the clock.

§ Monkey nanny!


  1. I’m in Tokyo right now and while Halloween seems to be popular, I wouldn’t say things have gone plum nutsy with regard to it just yet.