ComicsPRO, the comics retailer lobbying group, has instituted an antitrust compliance policy to ensure there will be no collusion:

In a move to allay concerns over any potential retailer collusion, Comics Professional Retail Organization (ComicsPRO), the trade organization for comic book retailers, with the help of legal counsel, has incorporated an antitrust compliance policy into its by-laws outlining the parameters within which independent retailers can confidently deal with each other.

ComicsPRO board member Ben Trujillo of Star Clipper Comics in St Louis went on to explain, “We have adopted a clear policy for managing the relationship between a group of competitors in a way that conforms with the highest legal standards in the areas of antitrust and non-competitive behavior.”

ComicsPRO has pledged its commitment to:

· Obeying the antitrust laws
· Educating its members about the requirements of the antitrust laws
· Clearly outlining prohibited activity of the organization and members
· Providing clear rules for dealing with other organizations and entities, including publishers and distributors
· Providing summaries of key statutory provisions for our members.
· Minimizing the risk of exposure to these legal concerns of antitrust matters for ComicsPRO and its members
· In order to achieve these goals, ComicsPRO will also be obliging its members to adhere to these guidelines.

“Being aware of the consequences of sharing information in all of our communications among peer members is a necessary step to becoming a more mature organization,” said Joe Field, president of ComicsPRO and owner of Flying Colors Comics in Concord CA. “Since our mandate also involves mentoring new retailers, we need to understand the legal relationship we have as competitors.”

Jim Hanley, ComicsPRO member and co-owner of Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York commented: “In the past, it has sometimes seemed comics retailers viewed the laws governing the interactions of competitors as trivial. That ComicsPRO is making sure that its efforts to improve the lot of comics retailers and, in turn, the larger comics field, don’t expose the membership to legal liability is welcome.”

ComicsPRO represents a membership of more than 100 comic specialty retail companies comprising more than 140 storefronts. Retailers interested in helping to secure a stronger future for the comics specialty market are encouraged to join. Membership applications and more information can be found at