Zuda's first comics announced

Zuda finally announces the line-up and if it’s anything, it’s diverse, with known talents like Corey Lewis, Pop Mhan, Sho Murase and Steve Ellis up against total unknowns. They’re all competing for a briefcase with one million dollars in it, apparently. Anyway, here’s the PR: In anticipation of the launch of Zudacomics.com, DC Comics announced […]

More on storytelling

The Post That Wouldn’t Die continues to captivate the blogosphere, and many of my private conversations. My mom called to say she enjoyed it, which was nice. Eddie Campbell, ties it in with a larger thesis of conservatism breeding homogeniety in comics. Frank Santoro author of STOREYVILLE, pipes up independently, and I would be overjoyed […]

First Second Monday creator blogs

The First Second blog is featuring essays on comics creation by comics creators every monday. The topics so far have ranged from where authors get ideas to the book market to poetry in comics. This week, Leland Myrick talks about poetry and comics: During the panel discussion in San Diego, I got quite a few […]

Hello, ZUDA Tuesday

Zuda, DC’s much awaited all new initiative, arrives in one week, according to an email sent to their mailing list. Also word of a launch party that day. It’s been a while since our last e-mail. What can we say? It’s been kind of hectic here as we finalize development, do testing and fine tune […]

Posy Simmonds profile

The Telegraph profiles Posy Simmonds, who we are told, is read by millions in the UKm thanks to her long running newspaper strip POSY, and books GEMMA BOVARY and the upcoming TAMARA DREWE. Posy Simmonds, the writer and cartoonist, lives in a quiet Georgian square between King’s Cross and Islington in London. From her window […]

Marvel gets online ad agency

Gorilla Nation, one of the more prominent online ad agencies, announces that they’ll be selling as space for Marvel’s website. not too much to be read into this except that if you are getting 21 million page views a month, you should be making very good revenue from online advertising. Gorilla Nation (www.gorillanation.com), the world’s […]

Fire update: IDW, Wildstorm

As wildfires continue to ravage southern California, uprooting half a million people, concerns over comics folks living and working near the fires keep coming up. IDW’s Andrew Steven Harris wrote give the happy news that everyone at IDW is accounted for: We’re getting a lot of inquiries from our readers, creators and other industry folk […]

Mark MIllar, volunteer superstar — UPDATE

How can you not love Mark Millar? He’s daring an audacious, and onlyhe would come up with the idea of posting his intention to write fanfic as if it were a movie assignment: It’s 8.58am right now, my guys at CAA get into the office in about seven hours and my call will be waiting […]

Happy Birthday, Peter McFarland

My uncle’s paintings will soon be seen internationally in two exhibits: September 11th through November 11The Kingdom of the StreetsAt the University of Southern MaineWoodbury Center, Portland Me.*November 24th through January 5thNotes From The AmerikasUndergroundPaintings and drawings at theBrewhouse Gallery, Staffordshire UK [“Duct Tape Viking” ©2007 Peter McFarland]

Gaiman bee mishap

Here in this very blog, people were complaining the other day that Neil Gaiman always wears the same leather jacket. Well that is not ALWAYS the case, as this bee blog explains, going so far as to post a picture of Gaiman in a white beekeeping suit! That’s Neil failing to wear gloves while stirring […]