As wildfires continue to ravage southern California, uprooting half a million people, concerns over comics folks living and working near the fires keep coming up. IDW’s Andrew Steven Harris wrote give the happy news that everyone at IDW is accounted for:

We’re getting a lot of inquiries from our readers, creators and other industry folk about how we’re doing down here in San Diego with all the wildfires nearby, so I thought I’d drop you a quick note to let you know how things are going. A few of our staffers are already under mandatory evacuation from their homes, and the edge of the evacuation zone is actually just a few miles from the IDW offices, but given how these fires have ravaged huge sections of the county, we’re thus far extremely lucky that nobody here has suffered any catastrophic losses yet. The evacuation zone is actually much closer to the offices of our friends over at Wildstorm in La Jolla, and a number of staffers there have also had to evacuate their homes, so we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for them.

Comic Book Resources has a long article detailing the situation at various stores throughout the area, as well as residents, and gives a fuller picture of the situation at Wildstorm:

CBR News spoke with three more members of the San Diego comics community Tuesday evening. Wildstorm founder and Editorial Director Jim Lee wrote to say that their offices aren’t at risk and while about 15% of the company’s employees have been forced to evacuate, everyone is safe and accounted for. “There was a big, but smaller fire, back in 2003 and the city and county learned from their mistakes and the evacs have gone pretty smoothly as the 911 reverse calling system calls people at their homes with notifications to move out as the fires change direction and threatens new neighborhoods,” Lee told CBR News.

We’ll continue to update with developments. Continued good thoughts to all caught up in this disaster.


  1. The winds have died down a bit today, which is good, but San Diego seems to have gotten the worst of it. My mom, who lives down there, did get to return to her home yesterday. We’ve been told the the winds are going to change soon and blow all the smoke that went over the ocean back over land again. There’s going to be a lot of ash and dust in the air for a long time. Not healthy, but at least the winds wont be as dry, which will help to bring this nightmare to an end. Thanks for thinking about us.