How can you not love Mark Millar? He’s daring an audacious, and onlyhe would come up with the idea of posting his intention to write fanfic as if it were a movie assignment:

It’s 8.58am right now, my guys at CAA get into the office in about seven hours and my call will be waiting for them to talk about this. I want to revamp Superman like Hillary wants thin ankles. Revamping this franchise is what I as given fingers for and so, invited or not, I’m putting my plan together now. I’ve been asked to work on half a dozen screenplays lately, but this is the only one I have ever truly wanted.

As most here know, I have literally hundreds of pages of notes and sketches just waiting for this opportunity. This would be my dream gig and, as a fan, I know exactly what this project needs to work. This has to be Superman for the 21st Century, keeping everything we adore, but starting from scratch and making the kids love it as much as the 30-somethings. I would honestly write this thing for free.

Anyway, my treatment is being polished as we type. Wish me luck. I want to do that Superman movie we all want to see.

Of course, we were being a little mean with that “fanfic” comment — we haven’t read any Millar scripts, but he has as much of a chance at writing a decent Superman story as anyone, in theory.

In other news, we just heard they’re making a HOBBIT movie, and there’s a message waiting for our friend, Mary Sue. This would be our dream gig and, as a fan, we know exactly what this project needs to work.

UPDATE: Well, it seems Mark’s dream will not come true after all. He’s too associated with Marvel to pen a Dc superhero.

Anyway, my agent is a big beast at CAA and can set up meetings with anyone. I’m always amazed by this because, like all comic guys, I do this job in a converted attic at home on a rainy rock some miles from mainland Europe and about as far from Hollywood as you can get. But my agent got my call around 4pm my time on Tuesday and within hours we were talking on the phone to some very nice exec at Warner Bros who said that several producers and director friends had already been in touch to push me for the gig because they knew how passionate I was about this project. And for about fifteen minutes things were looking very sweet. I had a massive three-picture epic in mind, cribbed from notes I’ve been putting together for the last five years for a Superman comic-book revamp and the people I spoke to absolutely loved it. Everyone said this was very, very exciting, but…

Well, sadly, I’m a Marvel guy and we were surprised to find out that WB couldn’t hire me for a DC property. They were incredibly nice and superbly apologetic about it, but when they discussed the matter seriously DC explained just how associated I am with Marvel Comics at the moment and it’s against company policy to hire the competition. It’s absolutely nothing personal. I spoke to some friends at DC and they explained this has happened with a couple of big Marvel writers in the last couple of years and I absolutely respect that. It’s a business after all and to have a guy writing Fantastic Four, 1985, Kick-Ass and another super-big project for Steve McNiven this year which would be mentioned in every article about a Superman movie is not only an insult to their own writers, but makes bad business sense. I have nothing but respect for the DC high-ups and, though obviously disappointed, can absolutely appreciate their position. They’re the custodians of these properties and they obviously know what they’re doing.


  1. “[Millar] has as much of a chance at writing a decent Superman story as anyone, in theory.”

    Given the quality of his Superman Adventures work, I’d say it’s far more than a theory.

  2. “Given the quality of his Superman Adventures work, I’d say it’s far more than a theory.”

    I’ll second that. Those are still some of the best Superman stories I’ve ever read.

    “This has to be Superman for the 21st Century, keeping everything we adore, but starting from scratch and making the kids love it as much as the 30-somethings.”

    Now why don’t other people understand this? I would go see this movie. My wife and I saw Superman Returns on cable not to long ago, and we were bored to tears.

  3. Christopher,

    I shit you not, I have tried to watch Superman Returns three times now, and I can’t get past the first half-hour. It is one of the most mind-numbingly dull pieces of “entertainment” I have ever (almost) encountered.

  4. “Superman is srs bsns.”

    I’m sorry. I tried to figure out what this means, but I can’t

    “Guys, it’s superheroes. How hard is that to get right?”

    I’m not sure I understand the logic behind this statement. Why should superheroes always be such a no brainer? I’m sure the perfect blend of myth, humanity, and adventure takes a bit of skill to achieve. Maybe that’s why people aren’t getting it right. Maybe they’re taking it for granted.

    ADD. I can see like me, you really wanted to like it, but it just can’t be done. Props for trying.

  5. Add the vowels, Christopher. “serious business.”

    I disagree on the ease of superheroes. They’re very easy to get right. I suppose they’re very easy to get wrong, given the amount of junk we get dressed in tights these days.

  6. I’m sure there are some other comics guys who have the same aims as Mark with this.

    Who don’t work for Marvel…

    ..wear a Superman ring as a wedding band…

    …and already have a current project at the WB.

    And whose management are making moves to get them positioned re: the pitch.


  7. Since Millar said that he would write the script for free, why does Warners have to “hire” him? Why doesn’t he go ahead and write the script, give it to the studio so they can make it, and not take any credit? Say that Alan Smithie wrote it. If the truly important thing is that the film get made, then the lack of credit (and therefore the absence of any association with the competition) should not be a deal breaker. Just a thought.

  8. Is that JAMES OWEN of STARCHILD fame?

    If so, he is one AMAZING friggin creator.

    Anyone who hasn’t already bought James Owen’s Starchild by Coppervale Press should pick it up. Some of the most AMAZING, mouthwatering art ever to hit the industry. And the story will just BLOW your mind.


    James. Owen.


    Ask your comic shop dealer.

    You’ll be glad you did.

  9. If the post above is not THAT James Owen, sorry.

    To everyone else:

    Coppervale Press – Starchild, Mythopolis and Tales from the Two Penny Inn by James Owen.

    If you’re lucky to find a copy.

  10. Dude, click the link on my name to my online journal. You’ll be happily surprised. And there’s a lot more out (ah, a couple of novels…) that are also written and illustrated by me you’ll want to pick up, along with the new Starchild book from Desperado Publishing.

    To everyone else, I have no clue who Brett Tolino is – but am feeling like I might owe him dinner or a commission or something.

  11. Millar is a steam-powered hype machine, but his update on the situation sounds like a load of hooey. Hollywood only cares about money– hard to believe they care about which comics a screenwriter writes for what publisher. It’s marketing that leads everything in one direction, no matter what else is on the plate, so fears of Millar’s Marvel credits being grouped in with Superman press seems unlikely.

  12. Wow!

    Sorry this is a bit off topic but thanks for the reply, Mr. Owen! I was in Jim Hanley’s Universe in NYC this week and saw the novel! I’m picking it up Friday (payday). I also saw very, very few copies of Starchild the Collected Editions — signed! I had no idea you ever did a signing there. Jim Hanley’s Universe was the shop to turn me on to your material WAY back in the 90’s. I’ve been a huge fan ever since, even have the Starchild Awakenings Hardcover. The best, simply the best. One of the most amazing works of art of this century. Thank you for creating it.

    Warner Bros would be ‘lucky’ to have you pen the new Superman film.

  13. Last post… promise.

    I hope my posting doesn’t get you in trouble or anything but I just pulled my Starchild Awakenings book off the shelf and looked at the AMAZING wrap around cover. On the back, Tom Palmer Jr compares you to Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Dave Sim and it is SO true but better… Imagine Neal Gaiman / Alan Moore art that was as good as the writing… James Owen is Neal Gaiman and Alan Moore writing with Wrightson, Windsor-Smith, Totleben styled art.

    Hope you get to do the flick.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  14. On the update… and DC takes another loss. I understand why, but I don’t understand why. Marvel is just so much more exciting at this point in time. Why not hire a Marvel guy to kick some DC (movie) slackers in the bum. It might bring them back to life. I’m just saying.