§ Tokyo officials say no to “Abnormal carnival.”.

§Shawn Williams reports on his 24 Hour Comics Day.

§ Three cultural phenomenon grafted together for the mega-event that must change our perceptions of reality itselfNaruto, Wii and competitive noodle eating:

On October 27th, the world’s hungriest competitive eaters will gather for the first-ever NARUTO™ Clash of Ninja™ Revolution World Ramen Noodle Eating Championship, the culmination of a multi-faceted launch event for the new Wii™ video game. Major League Eating have initiated a mandatory chopsticks rule for the competition, in keeping with the traditional method of consuming ramen.

§ Keith Giffen takes a look at comics book criticism sites.

§ Anurag Kashyap wants to make comic book movies and a thriller in Bhojpuri.

§ Director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) continues to explains the long, long tale of SOUTHLAND TALES:

Wired: You took Southland Tales to Comic-Con three times — but only this last year with a release date. That’s vindication.

Kelly: Man, was I glad to have a poster with me this time. I told the studio I couldn’t face Comic-Con again without an actual release date. I didn’t want to be the boy who cried wolf. I couldn’t stand feeling like people secretly thought that my movie was never going to come out, and yet I kept showing up, year after year, to promote it anyway.

§ Iain Jackson looks at Building A Superhero Universe; his rules inspire Brady Russell to do the same.