Here in this very blog, people were complaining the other day that Neil Gaiman always wears the same leather jacket. Well that is not ALWAYS the case, as this bee blog explains, going so far as to post a picture of Gaiman in a white beekeeping suit! That’s Neil failing to wear gloves while stirring up a hive of angry bees. We think you can guess what happened next.

Speaking of Gaiman, CBR caught him on the red carpet of the Scream Awards for some talk about SANDMAN:

A few months ago in CBR’s Lying in the Gutters, Rich Johnston reported that a new Neil Gaiman “Sandman” miniseries, originally planned to commemorate the 25 th anniversary of the ground-breaking title, fell apart when publisher DC Comics and Gaiman couldn’t come to a suitable arrangement. “Basically, there were people at DC who wanted to make it happen, and there were people at DC who were not prepared to do very much to make it happen,” Gaiman told CBR News. “They were perfectly happy for me to write it as long as we wrote it on the same terms that I started writing ‘Sandman’ on in 1987, but nothing better than that. And they wouldn’t move on it.”

Gaiman said the aborted series would have been a prequel to his “The Sandman” epic. “In ‘Sandman’ #1, [Dream] is captured and we learn a little bit later on that he had been doing something halfway across the galaxy, and had come back in a state of a complete exhaustion,” Gaiman said. “And [the new series] would have been the story of what he’d been doing there and what had happened.”

The writer said that whether or not the story ever sees the light of day depends primarily on his schedule and DC Comics’ willingness to negotiate a more equitable deal.

While one wonders what kind of deal the now best selling author Gaiman would demand, there’s no question but that any Sandman related by Gaiman would be the bee’s knees and sell like hot cakes.


  1. Just for the recored, I love the leather jacket, and would never complain about it. Every strong and well known personality should have their signature style. I he does write another Sandman story, I hope it’s as good as 1602 and The Eternals.

  2. I wonder what the contract was for Gaiman when he wrote Endless Nights (the graphic novel from a few years back). I remember him saying something along the lines of “it was a favor for Karen Berger…”. Was it for those old 1987 terms?

    I guess a new Sandman story would be cool. However, while I think Gaiman is getting better and better with every novel he writes, his comic output seems to be stagnating. Nothing like the original Sandman series.

  3. I was just reading Brief Lives last night strangely enough, which is where he mentions his journey and his exhaustion, and I was thinking about how much I wanted to know what Morpheus was doing in a galaxy far, far away. Somehow I don’t think holding my breath is a good idea at this point though.

  4. Let’s all look askance at DC and give them withering sidelong glances (*) until they come back to the table with a piping hot new Gaiman-penned SANDMAN mini.

    (*) No sidelong glaring, please. Let’s keep this relatively civil.

  5. Not only does he wear the same one… even if Leather Jackets weren’t totally as bad (easily) as goatees, at this point, in terms of nerdy-guy-cliches-that-are-held-over-from-what-was-once-an-edgy-look,
    it’s a not even a good leather jacket as leather jackets go. The hem alone is enough. Just look at it’s hem. bad hem. No stretchy hems, Neil. no, no, no.

  6. Three seasons? If only.

    Yes, I know I’m a miserable fashion snob. Some faults we just have to embrace and live with.

    I haven’t recovered from Gaiman’s jacket since SPX 1999. Seriously.