The First Second blog is featuring essays on comics creation by comics creators every monday. The topics so far have ranged from where authors get ideas to the book market to poetry in comics. This week, Leland Myrick
talks about poetry and comics:

During the panel discussion in San Diego, I got quite a few questions from the audience about the process I went through with my :01 graphic novel MISSOURI BOY. I had mentioned in my introduction on the panel that each chapter in MISSOURI BOY had begun life as a poem, none of which (except for the last chapter) were meant at the time of their writing to be anything but poems, poems to be put away in a drawer somewhere or possibly to be read aloud to friends and family at a poetry reading.

Previously, Derek Kirk Kim checks into his bookstore sales.


  1. This is a great feature that First Second has started as I find getting a glimpse of a creator’s thoughts or their process to always be a good thing.

    I’ve been looking forward to them everyweek.

  2. One day poetry and comics, the red-headed stepchildren of literature, will rise up and strangle popular fiction like the serpent in Hercules’ crib!

    The blog is really great, and a wonderful addition to first-second’s offerings.