Pathetic Plea

I’m looking for a ride from NYC down to Bethesda for this weekend’s Small Press Expo. Normally I would have no problem taking public transport, but I am still wearing an Aircast for my sprained ankle, and the idea of going up and down a lot of stairs from the train station to the Metro, […]

Newsarama acquired by Imaginova

Newsarama, the longtime champion of comics news sites, has been acquired by Imaginova, the home of several science-geek-centric sites such as LiveScience and Newsarama itself has the story and press release: And that’s really the story of this day …what you have come to expect from Newsarama –won’t be changing. We will continue to […]

Hernandez: "the John Lennon of comics"

The LA Times offers one of its long, thoughtful profiles, this time of Gilbert Hernandez: OF the two Oxnard-born brothers who created “Love and Rockets,” the punk-era comic series that’s arguably the genre’s most influential work of its day, Gilbert Hernandez is widely considered the John Lennon figure — the driven, “serious artist,” allergic to […]

Online Manga charts explained

Matt Blind over at ComicSnob has been compiling lists of manga bestsellers from online sources, now he explains how he does it: While I enjoy compiling the rankings, and am a little proud of the results, I’m the first to admit they’re flawed. Online sales are just one (already distorted) piece of the overall sales […]

Schulz biography draws controversy

David Michaelis’s frank biography of Charles Schulz, portraying his consistent melancholy and lifelong sorrows, has upset some family members, the NY Times reports: …Monte Schulz said that when he read Mr. Michaelis’s manuscript in December, members of the family were shocked by the portrayal of a depressed, cold and bitter man who was constantly going […]

Quinlan Keep closes in Columbia

Even as things continue to trend upwards in comcis retailing, this Columbia Missourian story on the closing of a comics shop reminds us that the battle is still being fought one store at a time. When he opened the shop in January 2006, Quinlan bought his backstock from another comic book store closing in Columbia, […]

Links and stuff

§ Over the weekend, Tom thought a LOT about webcomics. § CBR interviews Eric Reynods about MOME not too long ago: When you started “Mome,” you had something different from the typical alternative comics anthology in mind, correct? Before “Mome” started, what I see as the dominant anthology that’s out there, at least in the […]

More on Massarsky, Goldwater

The recent deaths of past and preseng comics execs Steve Massarsky and Richard Goldwater have a bit of online commentary. Marv Evanier discusses Goldwater here. Masssarsly so was instrumental to the face of early 90s comics via his involvement with Valient/Voyager, was a more controversial figure, as comments in the Newsarama thread and this Comicmix […]

Warners: Women need not apply

In a link getting much play around the online water cooler, Nikki Finke reports that Warner Brothers production president Jeff Robinov has decreed “We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead.” This comes after the box office disappointment of recent films starring Jodie Foster and Nicole Kidman. Of course, Warner Bros has […]

Movie news round-up: Spirit, Wolverine, etc.

§ Yet another beautiful young actress joins the cast of THE SPIRIT movie, Paz Vega who plays “the knife-wielding Plaster of Paris.” § For those who refer their cake served with beef, here’s an exciting story about Hugh Jackman getting all jacked to play Wolverine. The article also reveals that, in a refreshing change from […]