Newsarama, the longtime champion of comics news sites, has been acquired by Imaginova, the home of several science-geek-centric sites such as LiveScience and Newsarama itself has the story and press release:

And that’s really the story of this day …what you have come to expect from Newsarama –won’t be changing. We will continue to guide and grow the site editorially as we have since Day 1 and the writers you have come to know and trust will come along with us for this exciting ride.

Starting now, however, we’ll be armed with the resources to begin phasing in additional content and introducing new media to improve site design, functionality, and dependability, and ultimately to expand our brand of coverage to other entertainment genres you’re all already interested in.

The news release also mentions Newsarama co-founder Michael Doran, whose association with the site has been downplayed in recent years. Official PR in the jump.

Imaginova® Corp., a leading digital media and commerce company that reaches a large intellectually curious audience, today announced the acquisition of, the media property of record for the global comic book community. For Imaginova, home to popular sites such as and, Newsarama marks the company’s entrance into genre entertainment.

“Newsarama is a great complement to our established media brands. Imaginova’s current audience shares many attributes with the Newsarama community. Our audience is bright, tech-savvy, early adopters, very much at home in the digital world,” says Dan Stone, President and Chief Executive Officer of Imaginova. “We are creating another extraordinary vehicle for national brand advertisers who are looking to reach our core demographic.”

Newsarama is the source for anyone interested in the comic book genre and will continue to feature news and reviews of the latest comic book releases, entertaining pop culture content, sci-fi and insider buzz on animè, manga and indie publications. “Comic books have grown beyond their niche appeal – just turn on the TV or go to the movies. Genre entertainment is more mainstream than ever and this acquisition is our gateway to covering the broader entertainment industry,” says David Arcara, Vice President and General Manager of Consumer Media, Imaginova.

Effective immediately, Newsarama Senior Editors Michael Doran and Matt Brady will join the staff of Imaginova’s award-winning editorial team and will continue to oversee the day-to-day operations of the site.

“Matt and I are extremely proud of the vibrant community we’ve built with Newsarama,” says Newsarama founder, Doran. “We’re looking forward to working with the talented staff at Imaginova to grow our site and offer new features.”

Imaginova will continue building out the Imaginova Network of original content digital media properties that appeal to a passionate and highly engaged audience.


  1. The downplay started when Doran began his short stint as Marvel’s marketing communications manager, towards the end of Bill Jemas’ regime. Presumably to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest at Newsarama, though I have no idea if he was/is still involved in day-to-day ops. Why it continued after he left Marvel is anyone’s guess, but he took on a similar communications position at Jemas’ 360ep around the time of its inception. Not sure if he’s still there, though.

  2. Is Imaginova going to poo poo? Where does comic books fit with Imaginova’s product mix? SPACE/Science/Astronomy Software?

    Dan: What were you thinking?