lubacomicThe LA Times offers one of its long, thoughtful profiles, this time of Gilbert Hernandez:

OF the two Oxnard-born brothers who created “Love and Rockets,” the punk-era comic series that’s arguably the genre’s most influential work of its day, Gilbert Hernandez is widely considered the John Lennon figure — the driven, “serious artist,” allergic to superficiality and attracted by ugliness as well as beauty.

But digging into dinner and joking about his childhood on a recent evening at a Valley bistro, he comes across as a well-adjusted, down-to-earth guy. It’s hard to imagine him producing the kinds of characters and situations his three decades as a comics artist have led him to: the child who disappears during a solar eclipse, the father who’s killed in prison fighting for a cigarette lighter, the lives full of hurt and sudden loss.

“I’m not a brooder,” said the bearded and bespectacled Hernandez, 50, in town for a recent appearance at Book Soup.


  1. We have Dean Haspiel as the “heir apparent to Jack Kirby,” Paul Pope as the “Jim Morrison of Comics,” and now, finally, a reference to John Lennon. Is this the latest craze in comics? Comparisons to dead icons?

  2. Yep–I read it a few months ago at (he was quoted a references) and the B’more Con there was a placard advertising a session with Dean and that’s exactly what it said. A few of us got a chuckle out of it cause right above it it called Pope the “Jim Morrison od comics.” Elvis, anyone?

  3. Ha! Good one, Franklin.

    I found the Haspiel/Kirby reference here at Heidi’s site: Warren Ellis, creator of FELL proclaimed, “I honestly think that Dean Haspiel is the heir to Kirby.”

    I guess folks ran with it!

  4. Ellis spouting drunken shit again — what a surprise.

    Paul Hornschmeier is the The John Lennon of Comics (The Wise One)
    Jeffrey Brown is The Paul McCartney of Comics (The Cute One)
    Anders Nilsen is The George Harrison of Comics (The Quiet One)
    John Hankiewicz is The Ringo Starr of Comics (The Shy One)

    The Clarence Walker of Comics (The Most Dominant One)

  5. I’d agree with the Pope and Gilbert comparisons, but yeah, that Haspiel one doesn’t sit well.

    Anyways, the more important question is who’s the cheerleader, so-and-so, what’s her face and the ugly one!!? :D