Sorry we’re so late today, but we just received a press release that Changes Everything. We’re definitely doing the Best Work of our Career covering this story, and we’ll continue to keep you updated as events unfold. Here’s the headline:

Comic Books Enthusiast Starts Blog.

After Martin Chatinover, nothing will be the same.

“The only thing I get through now is comic books. I’ve always read lots of comic books” said Mr. Chatinover, “Comic books are the closest thing America has to mythology. It’s like our own Greek Pantheon. Knowing I can add information to that Pantheon is pretty amazing.”


  1. Wow, all I have to say is watch out, Heidi. This guy is set to take over the comics news world with incredible ferocity. I mean, just look at all the things he’s setting out to cover: “buy comic books, Marvel comic books, comic books value, free online comic books, old comic books, Christian comic books, sell comic books, free comic books, old comic books values, sell your comic books, buying comic books, collectible comic books, adult comic books, graphic comic books, vintage comic books, Archie comic books, DC comic books and more!”….I mean, he’s so awesome, he doesn’t even have to parse those things into logical phrases!

    And judging by the quotes in the press release, it really shows that this guy has some inside, intimate knowledge of the comics industry:
    ”When a person looks at a piece of art, he or she will have their own interpretation of it. One might like it and others may not for many different reasons. Comic book art is created for comedic or dramatic value”
    …wow, just profound

  2. The comics and the internet? It’s an interesting experiment. I just hope no one tries putting porn on the internet next.