Paz-Vega-Pics-009§ Yet another beautiful young actress joins the cast of THE SPIRIT movie, Paz Vega who plays “the knife-wielding Plaster of Paris.”

Hugh Jackman1007§ For those who refer their cake served with beef, here’s an exciting story about Hugh Jackman getting all jacked to play Wolverine. The article also reveals that, in a refreshing change from the nerd takover of Hollywood, director Gavin Hood is NOT, we repeat, NOT a comics fan. However scripter David Benioff is.

Hood, who confessed that he is not a comic book fan, said that Wolverine—or Logan—appeals to him as a character because of the great amount of angst and internal conflict that Logan possesses. Benioff, an admitted fan of comic books, supposedly re-read Barry Windor-Smith’s Weapon X storyline and the Wolverine limited series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller as inspiration. Recently, it was reported that Skip Woods (Swordfish) may have been brought in to do some re-tooling of the script.

§ In the “intriguing” item of the day, Comics2Film reports that a MNEMOVORE film is in the works with writer Hans Rodionoff hoping to direct. The tale originally appeared as Vertigo mini-series by Rodionoff, Ray Fawkes and artist Mike Huddleston. Kristin Bell (Veronica Mars) starred in the 10 minutes of footage.

Rodionoff told fans at the screening that Guillermo del Toro is on board the film project as Executive Producer (news that delighted a room full of Lovecraft devotees) along with ‘Transformers’ and ‘Shoot Em Up’ producers Don Murphy and Susan Montford. Rodionoff has written the screenplay and is attached to direct the film himself.

The footage casts Bell (former star of ‘Veronica Mars’ and currently appearing on the fan-fave ‘Heroes’) in the role of Kaley. It portrays an exchange between Kaley and her therapist (played by ‘Terminator’ star Michael Biehn) and leads up to her first horrific encounter with the psyche-eating monster.


  1. Just a quick typo correction Heidi- it’s Ray Fawkes, not Fawlkes! He’s my buddy and this is big news for him so I want make sure it’s perfect. :)

  2. Now Paz Vega in THE SPIRIT … alas, as Michael said earlier, this sounds like it’s turing into a big femme fantasy for Frank Miller. Has anyone seen a script or a synopsis for this film yet?

  3. Mnemovore was a great series. They did really cool stuff like, when one character’s memories were being devoured, words would disappear from thought balloons. At first i thought, “hey the printer screwed up” but then realized it was on purpose, and thought “wow, that is very cool.” Of course i don’t know how that would translate to the screen, but it shows this is a truly creative team at work.

  4. Mnemovore, executive produced by the guy who directed Pan’s Labyrinth? I’m sold! Wait, Kristen Bell is in the test footage? Can you sell me twice?

    I actually posted a scan of one of those panels Chuck mentions. I too thought it was an error at first, until I realized what they were going for.

  5. Will Paz be able to make the shoots after the taste police get her for that dress?

    Seriously, though, all these WATCHMEN posts have me wanting to reread the book itself again.

    You know, it’s sort of a magical thing. One night I was living in DC and just suddenly felt like I had to read THE WATCHMEN there and then. I hadn’t read it before. So I went out to 2nd Story Books. It was evening. That was all that was open. A 2nd Hand bookstore. I started poking around this chaotic store. It wasn’t in the graphic novel section, but I knew it might be found somewhere else.

    Randomly, in one of the bins meant for old prints for wall hanging, I found it. Lying atop the other stuff. It was just sitting there. Far away from where it should be and I happened to see it.

    Needless to say, the cover price was too high and I waited to borrow it off my friend back on campus.

    Just kidding. I bought it. It was good stuff. But I only read it the one time, and I believe I need to do so again. I’ll probably skip the birding essay this time, though.

  6. Thanks rich. ;)

    Yeah, I think at this point, Miller should just call his movie, ‘Girls I Dream About: The Spirit’ and it will be them just posing for him, um, I mean, the movie, in various states of undress.