San Diego Sell-out: Four Day Memberships gone

PR: Comic-Con International (Comic-Con), the nation’s largest comic book and pop culture event announced today that they have sold out of Four-Day memberships. Comic-Con offers a variety of ways to attend the popular four-day event. From single day admissions to multi-day packages. However, for the first time, Four-Day memberships have sold out. “We’ve taken measures […]

MacGuffin mystery solved

Although it’s long been obvious that MacGuffin, the excellent comics shop that specialized in graphic novels located in Newport News, VA had closed, no one had really gotten the details from owner Sam Hobart. However a letter is making the rounds with a bit more info and news of a sale: As you may already […]

SD07: Too Much Coffee Man Opera!

PR — Opera at the Con! Comic-Con International (Comic-Con) is proud to present the San Diego premier of the Too Much Coffee Man Opera at the Horton Grand Theater (Espresso Theater) July 27 & 28, 2007. The brainchild of artist/writer Shannon Wheeler, Too Much Coffee Man first appeared as a self-published strip back in the […]

Tintin racism too adult for tots

Tintin in the Congo, which has often been panned for Herge’s neo-colonialist attitude, has been removed from the children’s section of Borders stores in the UK due to the supposed racist content. The Commission for Racial Equality said yesterday it was unacceptable for any shop to stock or sell the 1930s cartoon adventure of the […]

Fox Hollow — house of cute

Over at our MySpace account — no, we’re not above that kind of thing — we recently received a friend request from a band called Fox Hollow. Now, we don’t friend up just ANY band (although it is how we found our now beloved Simian Mobile Disco and Klaxons) but this one had such CUTE […]

Stan Lee Media sues Stan Lee

Comics Reporter has really done the heavy lifting on this one, and as much as we love to read complaints, we haven’t got time right now, so we’ll let Tom continue to be your guide. You will recall that Stan Lee Media previously sued Marvel for $5B which led Stan Lee to sue Stan Lee […]

Jeff Smith and Jim Lee on donating to CBLDF

Jim Lee sends An Open Letter to my fellow professionals and comics fans…: …Right now, I’m asking you to join me in supporting the CBLDF’s work on this case. To date they’ve spent nearly $80,000 defending Gordon, and they expect the trial to cost another $20,000 on top of that. To ensure that they have […]

What video games would Kevin Huizenga play?

Apparently this: “Eternal Sonata of the Spotless Mind [for the Xbox 360] follows the adventures of famed composer Frederic Chopin as he travels through his own dream world filled with colorful characters and stunning locales. In a land where music influences both combat and exploration, Chopin sets out on a journey not only of self-discovery, […]

Mucho mucho linkage

§ Mike Baron tells us his blog “World of Mike Baron” is back up for real, just in time for the release of a new NEXUS ! § ComiPress offers a detailed look at the history of plagiarism in Manga. § At Seven Hells, Crotchgate is revisited, but we see Alex Ross’s Citizen Steel has […]

Brevoort on how he screwed up

Whenever we link to Tom Brevoort’s blog, we always say we wish we had more time to read it, but Tom is such a natural storyteller, we usually wait until we have time to really enjoy it, which seems to come around only once a week or so. Anyhoo, Tom is posting a series of […]