Brandweek reports that the Simpsons/7-Eleven cross over has been a big success especially in the Northeast where the Simpsons have a strong fanbase.

The Simpsons-related products—Buzz Cola, KrustyO’s Cereal, Squishee Slurpees, The Official Pink Movie Donut, collectible cups and magnetic straws, and the Radioactive Man Limited Edition (#711) Comic Book—are “flying off shelves,” and 7-Elevens are experiencing a spike in comparable-store sales and net sales. That’s what Bobbi Merkel, executive director, strategic initiatives, Fresh Works, the agency that collaborated with 7-Eleven and Twentieth Century Fox to bring The Simpsons promotion to life in 7-Eleven stores, told Brandweek. Specific numbers will be available at month’s end.

There will be several more promotions, including one involving iced coffee, and that’s where The Beat really gets excited!