Did you know E3 the yearly gaming confab is going on? It is, but it’s vewy vewy quiet. Unlike past AV extravaganzas, which made San Diego seam like a Seurat painting, E3 has been downsized to a series of media presentations in a large hangar in Santa Monica. Joystiq has all the news. We don’t follow the gaming industry closely enough to know what’s the big scoop, but this kinder gentler E3 is an interesting model — if it works, as we’ve speculated before, maybe someday movie studios will go back to a quieter ShoWest-like presentation for their movies, instead of the public spectacle of San Diego. Frankly, that and the hotel room shortage are the only things that can possibly bring Comic-Con back into Earth’s orbit.


  1. There really hasn’t been that much big news this year. The biggest is probably Sony’s revelation that they’re trimming $100 off the PS3 and releasing a bundled 80GB version at the original price.

    Lots of news of interesting games coming up (Mario Kart for the Wii, Silent Hill 5) but nothing earth-shattering.

  2. I don’t mind the low-key style E3. The previous shows were monsters! A couple of years ago they put a ban on booth babes (which was odd, since attendees must be over 18 year of age, and work in the industry). It’s not like it was ever a “family” event like SDCC is attempting.

    Some of the after parties, however…. insanity. Porn stars, drunken parties… but you have to know the right people.

    As for breaking news? Nah, nothing so big. Even Nintendo who is currently holding well with the Wii, is treading water. I’m fine with that, too. Hopefully, the “console race” is old enough news that we can put developer’s feet to the fire.