§ Mike Baron tells us his blog “World of Mike Baron” is back up for real, just in time for the release of a new NEXUS !

§ ComiPress offers a detailed look at the history of plagiarism in Manga.

§ At Seven Hells, Crotchgate is revisited, but we see Alex Ross’s Citizen Steel has undergone “significant shrinkage. [Via Blog@]

§ Colleen Doran has found a very odd pair of Wonder Woman scissors.

§ RIP Kerwin Mathews, via Steve Bunche

§ Sean Penn and Iggy Pop are among the voices for the English language version of Persepolis

§ Boom Studios co-head honcho and Eureka creator Andrew Cosby has been hired to write a screenplay for Disney along with comics scripter Johanna Stokes.

§ Todd Alcott examines the life of the friendly millipede. GROSS.


  1. LOL! on the Wonder Woman scissors. I had a worse idea, that the 2 big ‘holes’ would be her breasts. But i guess since it was from the 70’s…

    Today’s WW scissors would have had the open the legs idea AND my breast idea! ;)