Over at our MySpace account — no, we’re not above that kind of thing — we recently received a friend request from a band called Fox Hollow. Now, we don’t friend up just ANY band (although it is how we found our now beloved Simian Mobile Disco and Klaxons) but this one had such CUTE ARTWORK. It turns out Fox Hollow is the successor to the The Rheas, the Seattle-based comic bookical type music ensemble. The Fox Hollow line-up includes Eric Reynolds, Kevin Schlosser, Adam Grano, Kaela Graham & Rhea Patton, so you can see it has a complete pedigree.

While trying to track down the artwork, we found it belonged to Kaela Graham. Man, her stuff is CUTE.



And it turned out she is married to band member, Fantagraphics designer and artist in his own right Adam Grano. And what do you know, his stuff is really cute too!



My god, can you imagine HOW CUTE THEIR HOUSE MUST BE??? Sweet mercy, it must be like Margaret Wise Mary Blair Scarry or something. Yowie.

Or else it’s all a front and it looks like a nasty old cabin in the woods.


  1. Heidi, what a cool surprise to see this morning. Thanks! Oh, and FYI, Adam and Kaela aren’t married. But they are a couple.