What I did on my Spanish Vacation Part I

[This has taken forever to write, but I promised I would do it, and I have some pictures to get up!] Our arrival in Barcelona coincided with the morning, a time period The Beat is all too unfamiliar with, but it gave our arrival a suitably surreal context. We were greeted at the airport by […]

Cartooners find new old man bar at last!

The House of Twelve’s wandering from bar to bar looking for a place to drink and draw have ended! Say, remember when I said that we’d keep looking for a permanent home for the House of Twelve Comic Jams? Well, we found one! Jack Demsey’s Pub, 34 West 33rd Street, between 5th and Broadway; right […]

Virginia Tech comics

We recently got an email from a Brazillian cartoonist named Latuff who had posted some comics based on the Virginia Tech shootings at Deviant Art. Although we found the comics to be strong stuff, our initial reaction was “too soon!” but after sharing the links with a couple of our cartooning friends, they found the […]

Hutch Owen’s Spider Week

While Spider-Week rages throughout New York’s five burroughs — and Spider-Man 3 has opened to record box office in Asia — Tom Hart presents his own special brand of Spider Week with Hutch Owen. Tom Hart’s comic strip which runs Monday through Friday in the New York City commuter paper, Metro, will be featuring two […]

One more Eisner docu screening

WILL EISNER: PORTRAIT OF A SEQUENTIAL ARTIST had its world premiere last Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, and a special screening and post-reception for Will’s family and friends on Saturday night. It also got reviewed favorably in The Huffington Post. Director Andrew D. Cooke does a good job of mixing […]

RIP Tom Artis

ComicMix is reporting the death of artist Tom Artis: Comics artist Tom Artis died of complications from diabetes today at his home in Springfield, Illinois. Tom had been hospitalized off and on for the past several years. According to his friend, fellow artist Doug Rice, Tom had been in a hospice since the beginning of […]

People news and notes

§ Publicist Sierra Hahn has left DC…best of luck to her! § Former DC employee Vinnie Costa has been cast on the Latin American season of Travel Channel’s 5 Takes, a travel show in which people must roam the world on only $50 a day. The show airs on the Travel Channel Thursdays at 10 […]

Race against time!

Last night we decided to go through the last three days of email in an organized fashion and prepare all the links people sent us. So now we have 50 posts in the queue that we have to consolidate and edit and blah blah. But we have more pressing matters. So we’ll get back to […]

Von Allan’s view from the trenches

Over at Von and Moggy’s journal, cartoonist Von Allan takes a clinical look the metrics of attending a small press show like APE: What do we know, then? Well, we know that APE ’07 had a total of 338 exhibitor tables in the entire convention space (see this link). Not exhibitors – tables. The cost […]