Cho Seung Hui Comics By Latuff2We recently got an email from a Brazillian cartoonist named Latuff who had posted some comics based on the Virginia Tech shootings at Deviant Art. Although we found the comics to be strong stuff, our initial reaction was “too soon!” but after sharing the links with a couple of our cartooning friends, they found the comics equally compelling and prevailed upon us to post the links. Decide for yourself.
Strip #1
Strip #2
Strip #3
Although these have a kind of “Jack Chick” quality to them, it also shows that the comics medium is somehow uniquely suited to presenting material this raw. It’s hard to imagine how a movie or even a book could simultaneously get inside the head of a heinous madman and yet show us the objective reality at the same time.


  1. What’s this “too soon!” nonsense? Art is – primarily – expression, not just commercially-driven distraction. Good for Latuff.

  2. By “too soon” I mean there is a time between visceral reaction and thoughtful reflection that smacks of “quick cash in.” Now that I’ve read of more of Latuff’s background I see that that is not what these ever were.

    Please note, I AM NOT ENDORSING Latuff’s political views.

  3. Kevin: He would only be “cashing in” if “cash” was involved. He makes the majority of his work before anybody requests it for their own publication.

  4. By “cashing in” I mean using the events to further his own agenda. i wan’t actually talking about him getting paid money.

  5. I’m disappointed that merit was found in those three comics. I just love how the “liberal” view of VT is a bunch of jocks who push around poor kids like Cho until they snap. At what point did the football players make fun of him for being Korean exactly?

    Latuff is ignorant of what happened here outside of his own ideas and sensationalist news. He created a drawing of Cho shooting someone in the face almost THE DAY it happened so YES it was too soon. The 33 kids who died were not a grouping of conservative football loving morons.

    Besides the timing and rhythm of these strips is choppy at best. They’re good enough for a Sunday comics spread next to Garfield and under Family Circus.

  6. Its laughable that some people think his comics are an insult, Those who believe that are ignorant and choose to be that way. Latuff is a genius and no one who says otherwise can change that FACT.

  7. To Horizon Dimitri who says Latuff is a genius …. So what…Hitler was also a genius.
    To The Beat that Says:
    Please note, I AM NOT ENDORSING Latuff’s political views.
    Well…YES YOU ARE. Just as the person who calls him a genius….If YOU publish the work, YOU endorse the person.

    Knowing he won a prize for Holocaust Denial disqualifies him from any stage.

  8. he doesn’t denies the holocaust…that proves that you don’t have any idea of who is he. He knows what happened, we know…everyone knows

    The point Latuff tried to makes was that the israeli are doing just the same thing the nazis did….he won the second place because Latuff’s image compared the Israeli West Bank barrier with the Nazi concentration camps.
    Have an example:

    now i ask you….how can he denie the holocaust if he’s making a comparisong about it?…