20070502IsotopesWhile Spider-Week rages throughout New York’s five burroughs — and Spider-Man 3 has opened to record box office in Asia — Tom Hart presents his own special brand of Spider Week with Hutch Owen.

Tom Hart’s comic strip which runs Monday through Friday in the New York City commuter paper, Metro, will be featuring two weeks of strips about radioactive spider, just in time for what the city of New York is dubbing “Spider-Man Week,” April 30- May 6.

“My strips never mentions that Marvel movie character once. My spider week is much more in keeping with the celebration of spiders at the Museum of Natural History, and much less about the ‘urban poets’ performing pieces about Sony’s multi-million dollar movie.”

Tom Hart is using his strip to explore the less famous, unsung heroes of the radioactive spider world.

But also the dangers of that world, as Hart’s second Spider Week (May 7 – 11) is about Iran’s Radioactive Spider.

The current strips can be seen archived here.