§ Publicist Sierra Hahn has left DC…best of luck to her!

§ Former DC employee Vinnie Costa has been cast on the Latin American season of Travel Channel’s 5 Takes, a travel show in which people must roam the world on only $50 a day. The show airs on the Travel Channel Thursdays at 10 PM.

§ Writer Steve Seagle will have his play N*GGER WETB*CK CH*NK (N*W*C) performed for a 2-week run at the Kirkland Performance Center in Seattle, from May 9-15. The show has previously been touring.

“KPC was the first out-of-LA stop on NWC’s national tour and is closing out the 2006-2007 tour with a two-week engagement,” says Seagle will be on hand pre and post show in the KPC lobby to meet and sign American Virgin or any other comics for fans who come out to the show.

The next stop is Hollywood as N*W*C moves to the Ivar Theater for eight shows a week in Los Angeles. This is the first LA run since the show originally debuted in 2004. “People say LA isn’t a theater town, but it’s been great to us. We sold out a six week run here in ‘04, and we did one public show in LA during the national tour that sold out a 1200 seater, so we look forward to having N*W*C be a regular presence in the city we all live in.” Tickets and times can be found at www.NWClive.com – “Tickets” tab. Seagle will be on hand for many of the LA shows, but encourages fans who’d like to meet him or get some comics signed to confirm their desired show date with him by email: [email protected]

Seagle feels the show, which recently underwent an update to keep the references topical, has gotten better with time. “In the era of Michael Richards and Don Imus, the show, which has always been kind of relevant, is now more relevant than ever. But more than that, it’s laugh-your-ass-off funny. Rafa, Allan, and Miles – the stars and co-writers of the show as well as fellow comic book fans – are genius comedic talents. They’ve had instant standing ovations everywhere they’ve gone. Except Montana. But we don’t like to talk about that. Kidding. We’ve never actually been to Montana.” For more information about the show and breaking news about the 2007-2008 tour dates and locations go to the newly revamped www.NWClive.com.


  1. My goodness it gives me such pleasure mentioned here on The Beat.

    I was just told the docu-series is moving to Saturday Nights at 10 PM – the premiere episode of Season four: June 2.

    Hope you can tune in. Check your local listings.