Oh no! New Captain America already!

It’s true! While Cap’s shield has been bequeathed to truth-seeker Stephen Colbert, his mantle as icon of American Freedom and democracy has been taken up by the blood thirsty killer know as THE PUNISHER. IS THIS REALLY WHAT OUR GREAT NATION HAS COME TO? Captain America is dead. Long live…the new Captain America!?!? Castle is […]

The next 300!

If you’re one of those people who goes around pitching comic book movies in Hollywood, we’re willing to bet that “It’s the next 300!” may have been uttered in your presence a time or two, maybe even by you. IESB.net weighs in with this bizarre, seemingly PR-fed tale of a bidding war for a graphic […]

Here comes Speed Racer!

Emile Hirsch has been cast as Speed Racer in the upcoming movie: The actor most recently earned critical acclaim as the charismatic Johnny Truelove in the real-life crime drama Alpha Dog, and as skateboarding vanguard Jay Adams in Lords of Dogtown. He next stars as Christopher McCandless in Into the Wild, Sean Penn’s screen adaptation […]

Comics in India redux

A few days ago we were wondering just what’s up with comics in India, as we frequently see items come across our news feed, but have no idea what the popular reaction is. One of our commenters had an interesting take on the matter. Now from the Business Standard of India there’s a fuller account: […]

Friends of Lulu nominations open

Members in good standing of Friends of Lulu are called on to help laud the best of women in comics. Don’t just sit there–when you see the list of past winners (yours truly excepted) you see just how many great women and creators have been honored over the years: It’s that time of year again—time […]

McLauchlin goes fulltime at Hero Initiative

Always busy Jim McLauchlin is going fulltime with the Hero Initiative in order to expand the organization’s activities in ways that could benefit a lot of people. (Had has recently been EIC at Platinum.) The Hero Initiative has already made a difference for many people, and it sounds like that was just the beginning. The […]


We’re still behind the eightball with other deadlines here at SBM, but are trying to keep up with the news. So much of it sad, alas. We also wanted to extend sincere condolences to our friend Elayne Riggs on the death of her father, who died from injuries sustained in an auto accident.