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It’s true! While Cap’s shield has been bequeathed to truth-seeker Stephen Colbert, his mantle as icon of American Freedom and democracy has been taken up by the blood thirsty killer know as THE PUNISHER. IS THIS REALLY WHAT OUR GREAT NATION HAS COME TO?

Captain America is dead. Long live…the new Captain America!?!?

Castle is adopting a whole new patriotic costume in the pages of Punisher War Journal as this buzz-worthy title is sure to turn heads in the coming months. Punisher War Journal #7 will see the Punisher in his new costume taking on the old Captain America villain Hate-Monger and will feature 50/50 covers by Young Guns Reloaded artist Ariel Olivetti – one with the classic costume and one with his new star-spangled threads.

The creative team behind Punisher War Journal have been praised for bringing Frank back to the mainstream Marvel Universe in nothing but thoroughly entertaining stories. Writer Matt Fraction, the writer quickly making a name for himself with Punisher War Journal and co-writing the smash-hit The Immortal Iron Fist with Ed Brubaker, and Ariel Olivetti, the bourgeoning artistic talent who was recently named one of the Young Guns Reloaded, have put the Punisher back in the spotlight and super-villains back into the Punisher’s crosshairs.

Steven G. Saunders of says, “This is solid Punisher, with Matt Fraction treating the character of Frank Castle with the love and respect he deserves…Coupled with the great art, I see great things for this title in the future.”

A.C. Hall of says “Fraction has an incredible understanding of The Punisher and writes him brilliantly.”

The first two issues of Punisher War Journal have sold out and gone back to press as this new ongoing title continues to heat up. And things are about to go nova when Frank adopts a new costume which may signal the arrival of a new Captain America. You’ve been warned – Punisher War Journal is a book to watch in the coming months.


  1. Captain America has always been the comic book symbol of American ideals and virtues. Does this mean that Marvel’s idea of the American spirit is now an angry vigilante that goes around killing its foes indiscriminately?

    That makes me a little sick, to be honest.

  2. Aw, man, and I just finished buying Captain America #25. Does this mean I have to start reading this story arc in Punisher War Journal as well, let alone start hunting down down the rare first printings now?

  3. New? Punisher and Wolverine – Marvel’s two heroic killers have been incredible popular essentially since inception. That’s American spirit for you. By giving Punisher the uniform of America, they are finally drawing the the spirit of America together with the spirit of the times. I’m not sure that was what was intended, but that’s what I see. Cap was always America’s quaint spirit idealized, while Punisher was American spirit realized.

  4. I would have preferred…
    New Captain = War on Terror.

    It’s funny… how little sense Frank as the Captain makes. And uh, nice cut and paste on the stock photo sunset there.

  5. crap crap crap crap crap.

    America’s young people and their parents thank you, Joe Quesada.

    Way to go. Just when we thought Marvel couldn’t sink any lower.

  6. Wow. Some people are really into musing about what this means for America, how it symbolizes today. Y’know how this REALLY is a reflection of America today. This will directly lead to an uptick in Punisher: War Journal sales and in a short while it will lead to the short-packed Frank Castle ‘Captain America’ variant figures (place your pre-orders on today!!!).

  7. This should make for a really good read. I think at the end of Civil War #7 we all saw it coming. While some are less than pleased about this new Punisher title and preferred the Punisher from the MAX series, I love to see him interacting with the Marvel Universe.

  8. I don’t know. I LOVE how they’ve brought the Punisher into the Civil War story (and the flashback in War Journal of Capt visiting a young Frank as Marine in training was awesome). But I’m not so sure I like this look/take for the Punisher. He was always more real (albeit dark and twisted) than other heroes. This space-age Capt A suit looks silly plus I hate when they give him these space age guns. He was a down to earth psycho who used real weapons and wit to battle men much more powerful. But I’m an old fan who bought every Punisher Armory copy that came out and followed him closely. We’ll see how it goes. Either way, Marvel has me buying more books than I was a few months back..

  9. Nice target on his forehead. Of course, any shot there wouldn’t be fatal…

    “I’m Frank Castle. And I’m the NRA.”

  10. So is this Young Gun Ariel Olivetti the father of the veteran artist who drew that great run on X-Man with writers Warren Ellis and Steven Grant back in the previous century?

  11. Do you guys honestly not understand that Marvel is doing this on purpose, to comment on the Iraq War and the new U.S. imperialism? The point of Civil War is that the bad guys WON, just like in current U.S. politics. This is funnybooks, however, so expect Cap to make his triumphant, Christlike return, to Set All Right Again, in, oh, let’s call it two years.

  12. thats stupid looks like punisher thrown in with bullseye and a little deadpool
    well like someone mentioned welcome to the new america! WAR!!!

  13. Comics are officially dead to me. I was a big collector in the 80’s and early 90’s, and gave it up because the industry was bloated and getting ridiculous. Now they kill my favorite character, Captain America, and replace him with the Punisher? Truly the powers that be are getting desperate for story lines. I call on all current comic book collectors to boycott Marvel comics until they resurrect the one true Captain America (in true comic fashion, since nobody ever dies in comics).