We never actually went any where, but we’re back in the metaphorical saddle, at least for today. We can barely type straight, as our typo-ridden postings of last show, but we’re alive and in more or less one piece.

To make up for the absence of our usual rigor, here are pictures of always-adorable Rosario Dawson and sexy Carla Gugino from the GRINDHOUSE premiere the other night. GRINDHOSUE is of course the double feature by comics-loving directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. (You can see these two badboys pick their favorite movie posters here.)

BTW, we hear Tarantino will be making a special appearance at Jim Hanley’s Universe from 12-1pm this SATURDAY (March 31).

As for Rodriguez, he’s talking SIN CITY 2 again…and SIN CITY 3, even!

Rodriguez says Sin City 3 will revolve around the Sin City graphic novel “Hell and Back”, the story of a brooding artist named Wallace who is drugged repeatedly and wanders through the story hallucinating. With this new story may come some exciting new castmembers too. Rodriguez says Johnny Depp may play Wallace.

Rodriguez is also looking to get his old pal Antonio Banderas in Sin City 3. Antonio apparently told Robert he’d play anything in the movie he was so excited about it. “I’ll be the hunchback,” Banderas said. So Frank Miller and Rodriguez are looking through the cast trying to find a place he might fit.

Banderas and Depp? To the Google Image Search-mobile, Robin!




  1. Heidi –

    Thank you for providing this fine public service. There literally cannot be enough Carla Gugino in the world.