Heavenpromo-GreyfrontIf you’re one of those people who goes around pitching comic book movies in Hollywood, we’re willing to bet that “It’s the next 300!” may have been uttered in your presence a time or two, maybe even by you. IESB.net weighs in with this bizarre, seemingly PR-fed tale of a bidding war for a graphic novel deemed to be the Next 300!

IESB Exclusive! With the success of WB’s 300, studios are scrambling to find other graphic novel properties that will translate well onto the big screen. Reliable studio sources are revealing that the upcoming graphic novel “War in Heaven” is being targeted for quick development by several studios.

ImageTrac 2 Media, is developing a feature film adaptation of the forthcoming comic book series “War in Heaven.” The project has been dubbed “the next 300.” The comic book series, created by producer Jeff Krelitz, is scheduled to be co-written by screenwriter Craig Fernandez, fresh off adapting Arthur C. Clarke’s Time’s Eye for Sci-Fi Channel and comic book legend Keith Giffen. Ex Machina co-creator and Eisner award winning artist Tony Harris is drawing the book.

Talk of the town is that several major comic book publishers, one being D.C. Comics, along with several studios were vying for the rights to “WAR IN HEAVEN” this past weekend.

Yes, it’s the talk of the town! We can see DC getting into a bidding war right about now, for sure. As you can see from the art, it is the next 300, because Tony Harris draws just like Frank Miller!


  1. I love the idea that 300 has taken Spider-Man’s and X-men’s place as the bookmark for Hollywood development of comic books. I don’t understand the last part, though, about Tony Harris. I get the sarcasm, but are you saying that Hollywood execs are trying to fit a round peg in a square hole by making the two out to be similar?

  2. And I assume DC/Warner will OWN “War In Heaven” lock, stock and barrel, or at least retain a beast-worthy mouthful of the merchandising. Hollywood should consider that both 300 and Sin City both sprang from an imagination no longer constrained by censorship and dictated to by untalented editors and suits.
    There IS no “next 300.”
    But I think Doug Tennapel’s “Creature Tech” (from Top Shelf) has the potential to be a “Men In Black” size success (or bigger) if Fox will just get on with it.
    Come to think of it, “Men In Black” was from a comic, too…

  3. aren’t there plenty of other “war in heaven” stories out there? Heck, each studio could make their own version.