Members in good standing of Friends of Lulu are called on to help laud the best of women in comics. Don’t just sit there–when you see the list of past winners (yours truly excepted) you see just how many great women and creators have been honored over the years:

It’s that time of year again—time to nominate the brightest and best for the 2007 Lulu Awards! Our annual Lulu Awards bring honor and recognition to the most inspiring and noteworthy women in the comic book industry, as well as the efforts, achievements, and works that reflect Friends of Lulu’s goals. It’s up to you, Lulu members, to make the nominations and to vote for this year’s shining stars!

Nominations for the Awards are made by and voted on by current members of Friends of Lulu. The Lulu Awards are handed out during our evening awards ceremony at Comic-Con International in San Diego each year. (It’s always a blast!)

Start thinking about who you want to nominate for this year’s awards.The Women Cartoonists Hall of Fame nominees must have published work, whether self-published, company-published, or web-published. An individual cannot win more than once.

Past winners include: Roberta Gregory, Naughty Bits, Artistic Licentiousness – 2006; Rumiko Takahashi – 2005; Lynda Barry – 2004; Wendy Pini – 2003; Lynn Johnston – 2002; Trina Robbins, Hilda Terry (tie) – 2001; Marge Henderson Buell – 2000; Ramona Fradon – 1999; Dale Messick – 1998; Marie Severin – 1997.

The Women of Distinction award is designed to recognize those women who have made considerable contributions to the comics industry in non-creator roles like publishing, editing, reporting or retailing.

Past winners include: Diana Schutz, Editor, Dark Horse – 2006; Heidi McDonald – 2005; Maggie Thompson – 2004

The Lulu of the Year Award honors the creator(s), book or other project whose work best exemplifies Friends of Lulu’s mission.

Past winners include: SCHOLASTIC/GRAPHIX, Publisher: Babysitters Club, Queen Bee, Breaking Up – 2006; Shaenon Garrity,, Modern Tales; Flight Anthology (tie) – 2005; www.Girlamatic. com, Lea Hernandez, Editor – 2004; Free Comic Book Day, Joe Field, Organizer – 2003; Sequential Tart, Marcia Allass, Editor – 2002; Go Girl!, Trina Robbins and Anne Timmons – 2001; From Girls to Grrlz: A History of Women’s Comics from Teens to Zines, Trina Robbins – 2000; Scary Godmother, Jill Thompson – 1999; Action Girl, Sarah Dyer, Editor – 1998; The Great Women Superheroes, Trina Robbins – 1997.

The Kim Yale Award nominees must have published work, whether self-published, company-published, or web-published. Nominees must be nominated for this category within three years of their first published work. An individual may not be nominated more than twice, and cannot win more than once. The award is named for comics writer Kim Yale, a founding Lulu member who passed away in 1997.

Past winners include: Leigh Dragoon, By the Wayside – 2006; Vera Brosgol (Flight, Hopeless Savages B-Sides) – 2005; Lark Pien (Long Tail Kitty) – 2004, Raina Telgemeier (Take-Out Comics) – 2003; Ashley-Jane Nicholaus (Haven) & Gisèle Legacé (Cool Cat Studio) (tie) – 2002; Anne Timmons (GoGirl!) – 2001; Rachel Hartman (Amy Unbounded) – 2000; Devin Grayson (writer, Catwoman, Black Widow) – 1999; Carla Speed McNeil (Finder) – 1998; Jessica Abel (Artbabe) – 1997.

So here’s the deal. We need you to nominate the people you think should receive the awards this year. Review the nominee requirements, think about who stands out in your mind for each award.

Then go to our online nomination form (http://www.friends- awards06nomform. php) to submit your nominations.
If you don’t have internet access you can send in your nominations via snail mail to:

Lulu Award Nomination 2007
83 Russell St
Suite 3R
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Nominations are due MAY 1, 2007.

Nominate whomever you wish, up to THREE per category, as long as they fit the requirements. If you are able, please include additional information (i.e. publisher, date of publication) about each individual, so we can verify the nomination quicker and easier.

You must be a member in good standing (dues paid up to date) in order to nominate. If you are unsure whether you are up to date, please contact Shawnee Gibbs ([email protected], our membership secretary, prior to sending in your nominations. We couldn’t do it without you, so if you are interested in sponsoring the Lulu Awards, please contact the board of directors ([email protected] for more info.


  1. Will somebody please nominate Claire Bretecher to the Women Cartoonists Hall of Fame! And next year, Tove Jansson!

  2. A correction here, where it will be seen: didn’t win the 2004 LotY (ala’ Flight in 2005), *I* won for my work as the editor of same.

    I have the head-crushing acrylic plaque to prove it!