To Do 2/1 – 2/6 2007

It is the return of the Tiny Intern! Here are your comic events for the week: Thursday, February 1st Atlanta, GA Design at Play: The High Design and Low-Brow Humor of Cartoon Network The Museum of Design Atlanta opens its Cartoon Network exhibit today. It is a multi-media exhibit featuring advertising and marketing materials, storyboards, […]

Del Rey launches original manga with pop star – UPDATED

UPDATE via Manga Blog: This blogger says how to make manga mavan Christopher Hart is also doing an OEL/OGM/americmanga for Del Rey. Christopher Hart is drawing/writing The Reformed.  here’s his site, wherein he hints at this project here At his website, Hart says: Not allowed to talk about the specifics yet, but I […]

WGA honors Feiffer

The Writers Guild of America will present Jules Feiffer with its lifetime achievement award for Animation Writing Variety reports. Feiffer will be feted at the Writers Guild Awards on Feb. 11 at the Century Plaza in Los Angeles and simultaneously at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in New York. Feiffer’s film credits include “Little Murders” and […]

Modern Tales adds strips

Just the PR from Shaenon Garrity: Modern Tales one of the Web’s premier webcomics sites, is proud to announce the addition of five new comics to its lineup. The new comics are: +Alma Mater, by Whitney June Robinson, a comic following five colorful sixth-graders at Blenheim School for Girls, a traditional all-girls’ prep school. +Bellen, […]

KISS is back…and Platinum’s got them! — updated

UPDATE: YOu can see much Kis comickery and order a 12 page preview here at Via Variety, word that Kiss, the legendary rock band that was made for loving comics, is starting their own comics company through Platinum Studios. Platinum Studios and Kiss Catalog, the company run by Kiss leaders Gene Simmons and Paul […]

THE SECRET VOICE #2 is coming

Zack Soto tells the TCJ board about the long-awaited second issue of THE SECRET VOICE due in April from AdHouse. Ignatz Award winner Zack Soto’s work straddles the line between superheroes and art comics like few cartoonists can. The Secret Voice is Soto’s solo showcase for both short and continuing stories, all set in the […]

John Ridley courts controversy

Screenwriter/novelist turned comics scribe John Ridley has gotten a lot of positive reviews for THE AMERICAN WAY, his Wildstorm mini-series about superheroes, the Cold War and the Civil Rights movement. The collected edition comes out next week, but in the meantime, Ridley is getting a lot of controversy for his essays, such as the modestly […]

Virgin ups discount

This may not seem like a big deal, but for comics retailers, Virgin allowing a more generous discount means retailers may feel more inclined to order more issues up-front. Virgin has done a lot of promotion for their line, and reorders have been good, but this is a step that retailers have been asking for […]