Ad.Tsv2.72Zack Soto tells the TCJ board about the long-awaited second issue of THE SECRET VOICE due in April from AdHouse.

Ignatz Award winner Zack Soto’s work straddles the line between superheroes and art comics like few cartoonists can. The Secret Voice is Soto’s solo showcase for both short and continuing stories, all set in the same unique world. In this issue, DR. GALAPAGOS and co. encounter ghosts, brigands, and adventure on the road as we learn more about his mysterious mission, and two members of THE TERROR LEGION have a really bad day that ends with large explosions. Don’t miss the comic that Comic Book Galaxy hailed as the Best Debut of the Year and Wizard Magazine called an Indie Comic to Watch!

We enjoyed the first issue of this quite a bit so we’ll be on the lookout for the second issue — but Zack, try to be a LEETLE more frequent, huh?