The Scotsman has a very long and sad account of the events leading up to the murder/suicide of cartoonist Harry Horse and his wife:

THE phone call had been planned for months. The three sisters of Harry Horse, the political cartoonist and children’s author, hoped to achieve in unity what they had failed to do alone: reconnection with their estranged but beloved brother.

It was agreed that in January they would gather round the kitchen table, put on the phone’s speakers and dial their brother’s home in Shetland. Kay, the eldest sister, who lives in the United States, was to return home as a surprise for their mother’s birthday and she, Mary-Anne and Emma had decided to bridge the family rift. It was a call never made. The discovery of 46-year-old Richard Horne – Harry’s real name – and his wife, Mandy, 39, dead on the bed of the couple’s home in Papil, on the island of Burra, on the morning of Tuesday, 9 January, after what is thought to have been a suicide pact, ended any chance of reconciliation.
For Horne had, one by one, cut his family out of his life as he struggled to cope with the mental torment of watching his wife dying of multiple sclerosis, a condition that first confined her to a wheelchair and later robbed her of speech.