§ All kinds of internet gossip rag scuttlebutt about Katie Holmes turning down a role in the next Batman movie:

Katie Holmes has turned down a $2 million deal to star in the sequel to ‘Batman Begins’.

The actress was expected to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes alongside caped crusader Christian Bale for ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ but has pulled out because of “scheduling conflicts”.

Rumours have already circulated that Katie has been replaced by ‘Wedding Crashers’ actress Rachel McAdams for the comic-book adventure, also starring Heath Ledger as The Joker.

While some are blaming this on Holmes’ conversion to Cruise control, we’ll note that she was never mentioned as being in the movie, and Mary Jane and Lois Lane aside, love interests almost never come back in superhero movies. Batman and Indiana Jones need a new main squeeze every time out. All we can say is: THANK GOD!
§ 300 is being released in IMAX:

“Warner Bros. Pictures and the filmmakers are very excited to bring this unique cinematic experience to both conventional and IMAX theatres this spring…The immersive IMAX Experience will transform this film, offering audiences an alternative way to view this highly-charged picture.”

Director Zack Snyder also just got his own production deal at WB where he’s prepping…WATCHMEN.


  1. Not only is “300” being released in IMAX, but I’ve been told so is “Spider-Man III” (with some talk of about possibly 10 minutes of the IMAX version being in 3-D)

  2. I’d say Batman doesn’t need a main squeeze at all, that’s just what we’re used to from all the movies so far, and I guess it’s what the movie-going audience will expect. Do any of the great Batman stories even involve a love interest? I’d much rather see the Batman/Gordon friendship explored some more.

    OK, Mask of the Phantasm did the love story well but she was the focus of the movie, so there was lots of time to develop their relationship.


    I totally regretted seeing Superman Returns in IMAX. It wasn’t filmed in IMAX and it looked stretched out and effed up the whole time. It also didn’t fit the screen right. I won’t be pumped about this at all unless it actually was filmed for IMAX, which I doubt.

    — Batman definitely doesn’t need a girl and he really, really, really doesn’t need katie holmes. Blegh.

  4. Mrs. Xenu was definitely the weakest link in “Batman Begins.” There’s something not quite right about her face. Probably all the Thetans under her skin screaming for release. Or maybe it’s just her subconscious rebelling against being the dam of the vessel for L. Ron’s essence. Mekkalekkahi mekkahineyho.

    Maybe the love interest this time around will be Heath Ledger. There was always that subtext in Bats and the Joker’s relationship. “Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot… I wish I could quit them.”

  5. I would agree with Bradydale that Batman certainly doesn’t need a girl – but as sure as hell Batman would need Rachel McAdams in this movie. Yum.

    I was wondering if, by the look of the 300 poster that maybe Warner Bros wouldn’t mind maybe reconsidering calling the movie 300 Lemmings?