Sadhu-16 CopyThis may not seem like a big deal, but for comics retailers, Virgin allowing a more generous discount means retailers may feel more inclined to order more issues up-front. Virgin has done a lot of promotion for their line, and reorders have been good, but this is a step that retailers have been asking for for a while.

Effective with the February Previews, Diamond has increased the discount on Virgin Comics’ acclaimed line of comic titles.

Formerly available at an “F” discount (lower of 45% or standard discount), all newly solicited Virgin books will now be offered at an “E” discount (lower of 50% or standard discount), making them more lucrative than ever before. (Please Note: Though this discount change is effective with February-solicited titles, the February Previews went to press prior to the change, and as a result all Virgin titles are listed at an “F” discount in the February Previews Retailer Order Form. Diamond’s electronic ordering methods will reflect the change, and all February-ordered Virgin titles will receive the improved “E” discount. The improved discount does not apply to previously solicited and/or shipped Virgin releases.)