SCOOTLES scuttled? Creator beware!

Okay, this is a little long, and we’re short of time, as always but in essence, Ryan McLelland over at Newsarama reports on the sad story of MR. SCOOTLES, HC Noel’s critically well-received but unprofitable self-published book. It seems Noel signed up with Open Book Press, a small publisher, to repackage the first three issues […]

Thompson, Frankenhoff upped at CBG

Some change at our Alma Mater CBG: F+W Publications Associate Group Publisher, Sports and Pop Culture Jeff Pozorski has announced the promotion of Comics Buyer’s Guide Editor Maggie Thompson to Senior Editor and Comics Buyer’s Guide Managing Editor Brent Frankenhoff to Editor. The changes were effective as of Jan. 1. “Maggie and Brent have both […]

AMS Bankruptcy fallout continues

The bankruptcy proceedings of distributor AMS continue to ripple throughout the book industry. As shown by this story in the local (San Diego) paper AMS had a lot of scandal in its recent past: AMS has been in turmoil for the past three years since federal investigators raided the company’s headquarters in Sorrento Mesa. The […]

Rumor: Duran Duran @ Virgin?

In a widely circulated story on Virgin Comics, director Shekhar Kapur hints at the newest celebrity comics creator: Kapur, who directed Elizabeth, said rock group Duran Duran were also interested in working with him on the comic books. Richard Branson’s Virgin Comics – of which Kapur is a co-founder – will publish the comics that […]

BLUESMAN optioned

NBM informs us that BLUESMAN, the graphic novel from writer Rob Vollmar, artist Pablo Callejo, has been optioned by film producers Jason Koornick and Lawrence Blume. Koornick’s producing credits include Revolution Studios’ upcoming thriller Next, starring Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore, while Blume’s award-winning feature film Martin & Orloff led The Hollywood Reporter to name […]

Analyzing One Year Later

Ryan Stearns of the blog League of Melbotis has launched a new blog called Comic Fodder, and he kicks it off with analysis of a topic which seems to be on everyone’s mind right now: DC’s One Year Later: Did it work?: For followers of DCU’s core and ancillary titles, the initial decision to move […]

Sluggards post thoughts

Both Chris Butcher and Joey Manley sent letters apologizing for missing the Beat’s Year End Survey, but posted their answers on their own weblogs in a desperate hope that The Beat would link to them. Well, not a chance, guys! You snooze, you lose!

Gren: Welsh cartoonist dies

Popular editorial cartoonist Grenfall “Gren” Jones died this week at age 72, and Wales, an obscure part of Southern Britain, seems to be taking it the hardest. icWales – ‘He didn’t really reflect the character of Wales, he didn’t report it, he was the character of Wales’: Born Grenfell Jones in 1934, he joined the […]

Read Image Comics first issues for free

If you haven’t been checking out the Image Comics blog, you should add it to your feeds, since new marketing guy Mark Haven Britt hs been posting some ginchy preview images and so on. Image Comics has a fairly incredible line-up of books coming out these days, but with its purposely unstructured corporate set-up sometimes […]