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If you haven’t been checking out the Image Comics blog, you should add it to your feeds, since new marketing guy Mark Haven Britt hs been posting some ginchy preview images and so on. Image Comics has a fairly incredible line-up of books coming out these days, but with its purposely unstructured corporate set-up sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s coming out. Anyway, the blog alerts us to the fact that you can read many first issues of some of Image’s most acclaimed recent titles online for FREE at Newsarama. Check it out!


The Last Christmas #1
Casanova #1
The Pirates of Coney Island #1
The Nightly News #1
Cyberforce #1
Death Jr. #1
Phonogram #1

[Pictured: Jonathan Hickman’s THE NIGHTLY NEWS, which isa the new buzz book, we hear.]


  1. Nightly News is very good stuff, by the way. Hickman has found a nice style, concept and presentation to make the title stand out.