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Popular editorial cartoonist Grenfall “Gren” Jones died this week at age 72, and Wales, an obscure part of Southern Britain, seems to be taking it the hardest.
icWales – ‘He didn’t really reflect the character of Wales, he didn’t report it, he was the character of Wales’:

Born Grenfell Jones in 1934, he joined the South Wales Echo in 1968 and quickly gained a cult following across South Wales.

He remained with the paper until his retirement from the full-time staff in 1999, creating, among other things, the Valleys town of Aberflyarff and the comic strip Ponty an’ Pop.

His friend, the singer and comedian Max Boyce, yesterday praised Gren’s contribution to Welsh life, but added that it was the Hengoed-born cartoonist’s unfailing kindness and generosity that would live longest in his memory.

You can see a selection of Gren’s cartoon’s in this BBC slideshow, although their humour is fairly impenetgrable for non-Brits.


  1. “and Wales, an obscure part of Southern Britain, seems to be taking it the hardest”.

    Please tell me yer taking the piss, Heidi. But if you’re deliberately insulting the Welsh – brilliant!

  2. I think if you’d genuinely studied the folk tales of this “obscure part of southern Britain” then you’d know how to spell “Mabinogion”!

  3. Mark Kardwell is a nobody and seeking the sad status of wannabe.such a sad little man. Im a Englishman who admires the welsh because they are not impressed by celebs. they decide if a person is worthy of being recognised but quietly acknowledge. Never mind Mark you’ll never make it.