Once in a while you see a headline that is so alarming that you know immediate action must be taken to protect the children.
Children enjoy visit by DC Comics colorist:

Colorist Alex Sinclair of DC Comics visited the San Carlos Public Library, Dec. 28. Hoping to inspire and motivate future arts, Sinclair’s hand-on demonstration was presented to children ages 8 to 17 of the San Carlos Boys and Girls Club. He gave out free autographed copies of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to all who attended and discussed several techniques he uses to color the comics.

Sinclair, who got his start by submitting drawings at comic book conventions, provided a real and positive influence for the kids. His message, “With hard work and determination, anyone can accomplish their goals.”

San Carlos Housing Authority for Housing Youth Tenants sponsored the artist’s presentation. Colorist Alex Sinclair’s visit was the highlight of winter break for some of San Carlos’ youth.

One can only shake one’s head at the bleak, Dickensian existence the youth of San Carlos must otherwise face.

[PS: Just kidding — we love Alex to death and he is a genius colorist.]