G8269NBM informs us that BLUESMAN, the graphic novel from writer Rob Vollmar, artist Pablo Callejo, has been optioned by film producers Jason Koornick and Lawrence Blume.

Koornick’s producing credits include Revolution Studios’ upcoming thriller Next, starring Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore, while Blume’s award-winning feature film Martin & Orloff led The Hollywood Reporter to name him one of the “Ten Rising Stars of Comedy.”

Grammy-winning blues artist Keb’ Mo’ is attached to produce the movie’s soundtrack and to act in a supporting role. A modern musician with southern roots, the Epic Records singer-guitarist has won three Grammys for Best Contemporary Blues Album and sold more than two million records. His latest album, Suitcase, has been nominated for a Grammy in 2007.

Bluesman plunges traveling musicians Lem and Ironwood into Deep South juke joints of the 1920s. When Ironwood tries to stop a white man from attacking his black mistress, all three end up dead. Lem, the sole survivor, finds a rabidly racist posse chasing him throughout the South. The story’s conclusion presents an unexpected, remarkably dramatic twist.

“When I first read Bluesman, I was struck by Rob and Pablo’s ability to convey the emotion of America’s homegrown music in a compelling narrative story,” Koornick says. “Lem’s journey is both archetypal and totally original. I’m excited to produce a film that is worthy of Rob and Pablo’s fine work.”

The Los Angeles Times says of Bluesman, “There’s enough suspense and atmosphere here to make anyone grip their chair and feel transported. The plot is full of unexpected twists as well as kindness among the outcasts. Lem and Ironwood only have each other. And they make the most of it.” “Writer Rob Vollmar imagines a place rich in meaning and menace; Pablo G. Callejo’s expressive B&W images give it vibrancy,” says Entertainment Weekly.

Koornick is the Executive Producer of the feature film Next, which is based on a short story by sci-fi author Philip K. Dick and will likely be released nationally in spring 2007. He has numerous projects in development through his company Eye In The Sky Entertainment. Koornick also has experience in the music business as the producer of the top-selling documentary Hitting the High Notes: 2004 High Sierra Music Festival, released on DVD through CMH Records in 2005. He has produced scores of roots music albums including artist releases, tributes and compilations.

Vollmar is a comics retailer in Oklahoma. Callejo lives in Spain. Bluesman is three 80-page, 7” by 10” trade-paperback volumes at $8.95 apiece, published November 2006. Vol. 1 ISBN 0-9742468-3-2; vol. 2 ISBN 1-56163-456-5; vol. 3 ISBN 1-56163-476-X.

For more information, contact David Seidman, NBM Publishing/ComicsLit Online Publicist, at [email protected], or Jason Koornick at [email protected] .


  1. Wow, it’s like a pattern is emerging: every book for which I write a negative review in The Comics Journal gets optioned for a movie. First Scott Pilgrim, now this. Remind me not to review Bad Kitty….