200701051140In a widely circulated story on Virgin Comics, director Shekhar Kapur hints at the newest celebrity comics creator:

Kapur, who directed Elizabeth, said rock group Duran Duran were also interested in working with him on the comic books. Richard Branson’s Virgin Comics – of which Kapur is a co-founder – will publish the comics that are aimed to appeal to Indian and international audiences, the Mumbai Mirror says.

Does this mean we will finally see the comics version of 7 AND THE RAGGED TIGER? Or maybe THE REFLEX, which is a great name for a Virgin Comic, we think. Or howabout our favorite, ROGER: THE LOST YEARS. The Beat volunteers to write this book!


  1. And so, we come full circle, since the group took its name from a comic book character in the first place. (Maybe we can get a Barbarella crossover!)

  2. Cool news! I can’t hardly wait to read “THE UNION OF THE SNAKEwoman” in a “SKIN TRADEpaperback”.

    When we could confierm this title?? Please, PLEASE TELL ME NOW!

  3. Oooooh, I’d LOVE to see Colleen’s take on the boys. I expect she’s one of the few who could draw them as nice-looking as they really are.

  4. How about “The Chauffeur” as a comic book? Really though, I haven’t been impressed with Virgin’s over-computerized comics.