San Diego voices: Matt Maxwell

Maxwell covers a day of ups and downs, including the fabled blogging panel in a post he likes to call A Sudden Sense of Bleakness – Friday: Butcher was passionate about his assertions regarding the independence of bloggers and the necessity of them facing down the big companies and calling their bluffs about media blackouts […]

Ghost Rider invents fire

At SDCC movie panels, directors owned up to falling behind schedule because of having . to invent SFX along the way: Directors also apologized for slipped movie release dates, pointing to difficult visual effects for the delay. “We had to come up with a whole new program to create the fire, and to be honest […]

“Aquaman” and iTunes make sweet music

Stymied by the stormy waters of the network TV schedule, the much buzzed about AQUAMAN pilot has been a hit on iTunes, where it launched yesterday as part of a content deal between Waner Bros. and iTunes. Aquaman is a hit–and this time iTunes, not Vincent Chase, can take credit. The TV pilot based on […]

SCANNER DARKLY GN distr’d via cell phones

A few announcements that crept out during San Diego that no one blogged because they were at the show. Amp’d Mobile, Pantheon Books and Warner Independent Pictures team to bring ”A Scanner Darkly” to Mobile Phones: Amp’d Mobile, the pioneer of fully integrated mobile entertainment, Pantheon Books and Warner Independent Pictures announced today at Comic-Con […]

Recovery Zone continues unabated

We’ll be going into radio silence in a couple of days, but until then we’re rounding up some of the more interesting links to stuff we’ve read, a not at all even remotely broad ranging account of crap that went down at this year’s Nerd Prom. We have more photos to post, maybe a few […]

Wha’ Hoppen?

We’re just sitting here, for the first time in days surfing the web unimpeded by any of the following: presenting an award; people sitting around your hotel room drinking Jack Daniels; moderating a panel; racing to an editorial meeting; hooking up with a camera crew; sitting around waiting for a proof; trying to find out […]

Party happenings

The Hollywood Reporter Risky Business blog has all the actual happenings at San Diego – a world of parties far too cool for comic book people to attend. Sci-Fi Channel threw a cool rooftop party at the Hotel Solamar attended by not only the channel’s “Battlestar Galacticaâ€? cast members, and Colin Ferguson from its breakout […]

Losin’ it at San Diego

Graeme McMillan explains what its like to try and see the con in five hours. Anyway, it was just after half past one in the afternoon, and I still had five hours or so to explore the San Diego Comic-Con for the first time in my life before catching a plane back to San Francisco […]

On the road

We’re in beautiful Hell-A, where it’s hotter than we ever remember. We had a lovely dinner last night at the retro jetset restaurant Encounters at LAX (piccies to come, maybe) and now we’re waiting for some copyedits to come in for PWCW. We’re having computer issues at the moment, so may not be posting a […]

Video Blog #6: 300 & Gerard Butler

Yes, this is the moment we have been waiting for, and you have too, whether you knew it or not. The greatest moment in Beat history.

And now, voyager

We’ll be spending the next few days reading the internets to see what actually happened at the show, maybe a few posts today. If you see any particularly telling links, please send them our way. Right now we’re assembling our Team PWCW coverage — look for that in your inbox tomorrow!

Monday morning

A few updates — the convention was never actually shut down by fire marshals, although online AND onsite registration were both stopped on Saturday. No attendance figures, although the early guestimate of 125,000 felt plausible. The convention was, by any stretch of the imagination, a monstrous and unqualified success. Publishers and artists had record sales, […]

San Diego Con-mageddon report

At some point today or yesterday this showed up on the San Diego website. While the official numbers aren’t in yet, attendance is definitely WAY up from last year. So much so that last evening we needed to close online registration (which remains closed today), and as of 12:30pm today, have had to close ONSITE […]

New Video Blog

James Kochalka sings!

Photo Parade Day 2 — I think

A few photos, and no time to write captions except for one… SAN DIEGO ’06 — MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS!

More Video Blogging!

Video Blog #3: Geof Darrow Video Blog #4: VIZ Media Unfortunately we can’t link the players to the front page here. But we can link to them!