Img 3942-1We’ll be going into radio silence in a couple of days, but until then we’re rounding up some of the more interesting links to stuff we’ve read, a not at all even remotely broad ranging account of crap that went down at this year’s Nerd Prom. We have more photos to post, maybe a few more video blogs, and then a couple of nearly actual vacation days before flying back to the ranch for real life.

We’ll be skipping Chicago this year, not an easy decision as we always have a blast there, but physically we just can’t do it this year. Three weekends in a row away from home is just too much. We’ll miss all our drinking buds, lobby soccer and Al Snow, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

A word about our video blogging. We didn’t make a big deal of this before hand because we weren’t exactly sure how it was going to work out. It seems to have worked out very well indeed. The blogging is sponsored by DivX, as they provided the crew and equipment, and the videos are hosted and linked to on their site, but are posted first here on The Beat. The DivX folks were incredibly helpful and cool peeps, and getting to run around and make videos at the con was a great experience.

That said, what does the group mind think of such things as video blogging? Is it worth the time? The Beat isn’t really a YouTube surfer, but knows many are.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank Scott Hinze and Oliver Tull of Fanboy Radio for having us on their panel at the show AND giving us a super nifty Fanboy Radio goodie bag which, with its plethora of pockets and so on, has become our new favorite thing in the world.

We’d also like to thank the following people: Zena, Ben, Frank, Josh; Bruce Lidl and the DivX gang, who were super awesome the whole week; Dan and Jah Furry from the home crew; Faye Desmond, David Glanzer and Gary Sassaman from the San Diego Con; Bob Chapman; Katie Merritt and Shannon Crane; Len Wong; Ed Douglas; Paul and Anina; Jimmy and Amanda; Jackie and Bat; Ryan, Kendra and Sharon; Stuart, Greg and Gus; The Mighty PWCW crew: Calvin, Douglas, Ian, Kai Ming, Peter, Chris, Laurel and Tom; The Blogosphere Assmbled; Scott, Ivy, Sky and Winter for the ride to LA; and all the fine people we’re forgetting. Wasn’t it a time?


  1. I like the video blogging. I could see some rough edges here and there, but you guys did a great job overall. For big events like a convention it really adds to the coverage. As someone who’s never been to a really big con before, it gave me the best sense of being there. Pics alone don’t really show off the scope of it.

    I liked the first episode the most, I think, because it was more about the madness of the show, the logistics of getting around the show, etc. I also have no interest in Viz, but you seemed more relaxed talking to a long time friend, which made it enjoyable to watch.

  2. I’m not particularly interested in the video blogs. I’d rather scan a text article for the information. Every once in a while would be fine, but if they became frequent features, I’d likely skip them.

  3. i too enjoyed the video blogs from my space in Belgium
    The adage “a picture says more than a 1000 words” is true, but seeing 24 pictures per second is even more awesome.
    Hell, in the future i can imagine someone does put all his/her videoblogs together onto a dvd and sell it. Which I would buy
    so more video blogging!

  4. Baker and Kochalka were great. On-the-floor reports help add to the atmosphere, so I vote “yay” for more videos on the weblog.

  5. I’d skip the video blogging (very limited use ok), there are sites that do this sort of thing much better (full crew, lights, etc). Your strength is writing (I enjoy your articles and scan your page about 3 times during the day), stick with it…

  6. I enjoyed the video blogs I’ve seen so far. I’ve toyed with the idea of shelling out the bucks for a digital cam corder and tripod to record stuff too. My fancy camera can only do half hour recordings at the most (filling a Gig SD card) and that’s on the lowest setting.