A few announcements that crept out during San Diego that no one blogged because they were at the show.
Amp’d Mobile, Pantheon Books and Warner Independent Pictures team to bring ”A Scanner Darkly” to Mobile Phones:

Amp’d Mobile, the pioneer of fully integrated mobile entertainment, Pantheon Books and Warner Independent Pictures announced today at Comic-Con that “A Scanner Darkly,” the graphic novel based on the current Warner Independent Pictures film, will be available on the Amp’d Mobile entertainment network. This marks the first time a graphic novel has been distributed through the mobile platform in the United States.

In order to bring the complex and intricate visuals of “A Scanner Darkly” to mobile phones, Amp’d Mobile, in concert with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, worked directly with Celsys, a graphics-related software developer and multimedia producer based in Japan. Collectively, the companies utilized an innovative application developed by Celsys called ComicSurfing to seamlessly transfer the aesthetic-heavy graphic novel to the Amp’d Mobile network.

“Amp’d Mobile drives innovation and empowers mobile users with unique ways to access new entertainment content,” said Seth Cummings, SVP of Content at Amp’d Mobile. “In partnering with Warner Independent Pictures and Celsys, we were able to create another industry first by delivering a groundbreaking mobile experience that combines the beautiful and exquisite animation of ‘A Scanner Darkly’ with the portability of the mobile platform.”

“Pantheon is thrilled to be a part of this breakthrough promotion. As a long-time publisher of graphic novelists we see this medium as a wonderful way to reach comics fans who are so often on the cutting edge of new technology. ‘A Scanner Darkly’ showcases the amazing ways in which book publishing can bring the excitement of these new technologies back to the printed page and we’re extremely proud of the result. The fact that this can be brought to so many viewers in so many formats makes us extremely positive about the future of comics,” said Farah Miller, Director of New Media, Pantheon Books.

In addition to the graphic novel, Amp’d Mobile subscribers will have access to an exclusive “A Scanner Darkly” branded channel that features wallpapers and video coverage of the movie press junket and premiere.

“It has been so much fun for our team to try new things with a film like ‘A Scanner Darkly’ and with partners like Amp’d and Pantheon that have been so supportive and creative,” said Laura Kim, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Publicity, Warner Independent Pictures.

The graphic novel of “A Scanner Darkly,” published by Pantheon Books is based on Richard Linklater’s screenplay, which is based on the Philip K. Dick novel. It is captured in brilliant graphic vision, composed entirely of stills from the movie. The result is an incredibly lifelike, richly detailed animation that translates beautifully to the page, and now, to the mobile phone.

The unveiling today at Comic-Con is a further extension of the relationship between Amp’d Mobile and Warner Independent Pictures. Earlier this year, Amp’d Mobile aired the world premiere of the theatrical trailer for “A Scanner Darkly” on mobile phones, marking the first time a trailer made its debut on the mobile platform prior to any other medium.