We’re just sitting here, for the first time in days surfing the web unimpeded by any of the following: presenting an award; people sitting around your hotel room drinking Jack Daniels; moderating a panel; racing to an editorial meeting; hooking up with a camera crew; sitting around waiting for a proof; trying to find out where some party is; having 25 text messages to answer in 5 minutes; desperately trying to find food; or the need for anything really except to drink some water and make sure the bunnies are cool.

Speaking as someone who was at the San Diego Con, we think everyone watching at home probably had a better idea of what went on than anyone who was there. Of course, sitting around at home surfing the internet is hardly as much fun as running around the San Diego Comic-con — for, make no mistake, a few unpleasant encounters, mental confusion and aching limbs aside, it IS still fun — but we won’t spend the next few days endlessly linking to con reports, because whose report you want to read really depends on who you like. Do you want to know about Bob Fingerman’s con or Comics Unlimited’s con? Or any of a thousand other people. Technorati shows over 6000 links for the words “San Diego” and Comics. Not all of them are con reports, to be sure, but there are too many for any one human who isn’t working on a thesis to read.

Anyway, we’ll soon be repairing to a nice cool Starbucks with WiFi where we can use our own laptop (we’re on a friend’s computer without any of our usual tools) and will post pictures and perhaps some closing thoughts as Con-mageddon sinks into the Sea of Collective Conscious. Remember, when people begin to understand consciousness, it FRIGHTENS THEM.


  1. OK, I have to ask. Were you going for “A Mighty Wind” reference with the title of this post? Just asking because if so… that’s pure comic gold. Everytime Fred Willard says that, I bust up.

  2. Note to all beat readers:

    Every time I use the phrase “Wha Hoppen?” it is indeed a refernece to A MIGHTY WIND and the mighty Fred Willard!

  3. Well not to say “look it up yourself”, here’s a link to my MySpace page where I did a blog entry listing the top best sites covering the event:


    I’m just saying if you want to check out stuff and want one place to grab the links to do it. I didn’t see much that was really that big of a thing.

    Over all it looked pretty uneventful to me. I mean there were some good announcements, but most of which those of us reading info online all the time would already have known or guessed. Like the “big” Transformer announcement of being the cartoon Optimus Prime voice. Even if it wasn’t, still announcing the voice didn’t feel like “big news” to me. I was expecting a first look. The Topher announcement with Spiderman 3, most everone already figured he was playing Venom. The comic news was pretty much *yawn* to me as it was all more of the same. Toy news, Toy Fair wasn’t that long ago and most of what was shown pretty much mirrored what’s already been shown.

    I appreciate all of the coverage. I’m glad there are people that brought Comic Con to all of us that could not be there. There was bits of news that various people found more interesting than others too I’m sure. My wife was glad to hear of the Fangoria Comics announcemnet for instance. So for that I thank you Hedi as well as others. But over all it just looks like the fun of being there was the highlight over the news that came out of there.

  4. It appears my previous comment got deleted. I meant no offense if I caused any. Great coverage of the spectacular SDCC event; thanks. I watched all the videos and liked that I could hear what Kyle Baker sounded like. Oh, and hear and see you too HM.