We took a lot fewer pictures because we were … well, it’s hard to remember what we were doing. Watching panels, editing stories and taping vidblog pieces, actually. We avoided the main floor on Saturday, because it is usually the hottest, stinkiest day of the con, and this year was all that and a bag of pork rinds. Every time we hit the floor, it was a seething mass of tired, cranky humanity. People were just flopped down on the floor, resting or waiting for Jennifer Love Hewitt. The crowds were OFF THE HOOK.

We shot a few pics on the floor and at the Hyatt bachannal however and…here they are
Frank Miller and new best pal Gerard Butler at the 300 panel. BTW, the preview footage looks dark, violent, lusty and savage. NOT for the faint of heart.

Gerry and old best pal David Wenham.

Ah, under the sails! Several people told us they have never even been to this area. We saw Ron English set up in autograph alley with some of his awesome prints.

Sadly blurry picture of myself, Michael Eury and Peter Sanderson at a signing for The Supervillain Book: The Evil Side of Comics and Hollywoodwhich we all contributed to. This was The Beat‘s first book signing in quite some time.

More of Con-mageddon.

Andrew MacDonald and Ivan Brandon rock a new, more formal look, while NYC MECH co-writer Miles Gunter literally didn’t get the memo.

WAIT WAIT WAIT…did you say Miles Gunter???? We thought he was an imaginary friend all this time!

The much diminished pile of Lost Girls at the Top Shelf booth late Saturday. All 500 copies sold out.

Two of the strongest guys at the show, Mile High’s Chuck Rozanski and Lou Ferrigno.

Janet Harvey, Charlie Chu and Laurenn McCubbin outside the Hyatt at the “Riot Lounge.”


  1. DAMN I’m so jealous. Every year I tell myself,”THIS is the year I’m going to SDCC!” Then never do.

    Nice pics

  2. i always appreciate your coverage of the comics world. your reporting on san diego was great. sadly, as you know my budget for comicon ended up being spent on wedding party crap, but there’s always next year which will bigger and sweatier…yeah, maybe i’ll just stick to MoCCA.

  3. 500 copies of “Lost Girls,” multiplied by $75, = a cool $37,500!!!

    Congrats, Chris, Melinda, Alan and Top Shelf!

    I bought one of those 500. Why not? How many opportunities are you going to have to get one personally signed by Melinda?